The Right Way To Diet?

Illustration of The Right Way To Diet?
Illustration: The Right Way To Diet?

I am 23 years old and have gained 8 kilos in weight, from 48kg to 56kg and my height is only 150cm. Guess what the right diet is like? The problem is that he has been on a number of diets but has not lost weight

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your feelings. Dieting and losing weight is often a difficult thing for many people. To be able to go on a proper diet, there are some things that you must understand first, including:

Know how many calories you need. Knowing how many calories you need can be done by calculating TDEE or total daily energy expenditure. There are many TDEE calculators circulating on the internet, and usually involve gender, age, weight, height, and general activity level.
From the amount you need, know how much you consume in a day. This can be done by weighing the food you consume and then matching it with calorie data per type of food per gram you can get on the internet, or by looking at food or beverage packaging.

After knowing these numbers, you will know exactly which foods have caused your diet so far to no avail. Or if the food has actually been reduced in such a way, try to change the type. Replace white sugar and white rice with brown sugar and brown rice. Replace fried foods with vegetables. Fried chicken tuker with boiled chicken. Remove the skin and eat only the breast most rich in protein.

If all this is difficult for you, we suggest that you consult a nutritionist. This will make it much easier for you, because you will not be given general dietary advice like we said in this forum. Through a series of examinations, you will be selected a diet method that is specific to your needs. The food will be chosen, and you will be watched. That way you don't need to worry about the technicalities, and are determined enough to live it.

If you find it difficult or constrained to see a nutritionist, but the usual method does not work, the simplest way is to increase the amount of exercise. Do swimming, cycling, jumping rope, jogging, and weight training, but keep your meal portions. By having a fixed portion of food and increasing activity, you will gradually lose weight. So, hopefully answering your question.

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