The Risk Of A Tooth Filling ..?

Illustration of The Risk Of A Tooth Filling ..?
Illustration: The Risk Of A Tooth Filling ..?

I want to ask my wife if I want to fill the dpn tooth because it is cracked, then the doctor recommends that the nerve treatment first because she said it hasn’t been patched for a long time because I’m afraid there is a damaged nerve, do you have to sribet it to patch?

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Hi dandy92,

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A cracked tooth can be treated in a variety of ways depending on how deep the crack is, how the remaining crown is, and if any other complications arise from the fracture. Determining the best treatment for this cracked tooth can only be done through a direct examination of the dentist.

In general, nerve treatment is performed when the fracture is deep enough to reach the root canal (pulp). In this pulp there are many nerve fibers and blood vessels. Cracked teeth that reach the pulp are very risky of causing infection in the pulp which can lead to severe pain, dental nerve disorders, or even spread of infection to surrounding areas or other organs that are located far away. This condition generally needs to be confirmed by radiological examination, for example a panoramic X-ray.

If the cracks on your wife's teeth are only superficial, then of course fillings can be done right away. However, if the crack is deep enough to reach the pulp, then of course root canal treatment (nerve treatment) is an important step that needs to be taken prior to patching to prevent the risk of complications as described above. After root canal treatment is performed, generally the doctor will first perform temporary fillings on the cracked tooth while observing whether the infection and inflammation have subsided or not. When the condition of the teeth is safe enough, then permanent filling or tooth restoration (for example, by placing a crown) will be done.

That's all for our explanation. For more details, please consult directly with the dentist who treats your wife. If in doubt, your wife can also seek a second opinion by going to another dentist.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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