The Rusty Needle Punctured Scar Becomes Red, Swollen And Painful?

Illustration of The Rusty Needle Punctured Scar Becomes Red, Swollen And Painful?
Illustration: The Rusty Needle Punctured Scar Becomes Red, Swollen And Painful?

Hello. A few days ago, I was pinned with a needle at the end. not blood. after 3 days a small red stab appeared. swollen u0026amp; sick. 2 days it’s still swollen, sick u0026amp; there was pus in the former puncture. and there is a small black dot. I have a fever, u0026amp; limp. so drink amox u0026amp; asmef. is there a tetanus infection? What should I do?

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Thank you for your question

Tetanus is a condition where the body is infected with the bacterium colustridium tetani. These bacteria can damage the nervous system. In general, people get tetanus when exposed to or rusty metal punctured. And symptoms will appear after 3-21 days after being interrupted or infected. Tetanus is a dangerous and deadly disease. Therefore, you should immediately consult a doctor if you have a rusty iron.

Tetanus is characterized by the presence of a locked jaw or lock jwa, fatigue throughout the body, difficulty in swallowing, sensitive to light, excess water production, back muscle spasms, rapid heartbeat.

There is also tetanus where he infects the local area, which is marked by: high fever, pus-releasing wounds, swelling in the limbs, muscle spasms, numbness. Perceived muscle spasms usually last for several weeks. And sometimes local tetanus can also be a place for additional infections, which will cause enlarged abscess wounds.

Tetanus can cause serious complications, such as respiratory distress which results in stopping breathing, ongoing infection and death. My advice is that you immediately consult a doctor so you can treat the wound. Because it needs special handling in people who are pierced by rusty objects. In addition, you also have to get vaccinated to prevent tetatus.

the drug you take is an antibiotic drug as well as an anti-inflammatory drug, where the antibacterial will only kill non-tetanus bacteria and anti-inflammation will only reduce pain.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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