The Safety Of Excessive Sexual Activity?

Illustration of The Safety Of Excessive Sexual Activity?
Illustration: The Safety Of Excessive Sexual Activity?

Hello, I have been married for 6 months to a man whose age is far below me (12 years difference). Our sex activities have been very intense, my husband also often does experiments for variations in sex positions that he imitates from adult films, even though that sex position often makes me uncomfortable and sometimes hurts me, but I don’t dare tell my husband for fear of disappointing him. I have tried to refuse my husband’s wishes subtly, but he made sure that it was safe.

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From the information you have conveyed, there are many things that can be done in having sex, because sex is not only related to sex and the method of sex, but husband and wife sex is also related to:

1. an inner human need

2. Inner communication between husband and wife

3. an expression of love or affection

4. continue a good and healthy offspring

5. feelings of mutual understanding

Therefore, if one of the things above becomes an obstacle in your sexual relationship, then you should talk openly with your husband about your discomfort in sex, not disrespecting it but maybe some sex positions are sometimes not in accordance with the prevailing religion or norms and sometimes certain sex positions are physically uncomfortable.

Talk well in a relaxed and calm atmosphere, do not talk about it when you have sex. Explore first why your husband wants such and such sex patterns or those that make you uncomfortable, after you know your husband's motivation, you can reflect and talk more deeply about everything you feel.

What the husband does is probably not a hyper sex or sexual disorder, unless this sexual intercourse is followed by self-harm and other conditions beyond the norm. So to define sexual intercourse, you must also explain your husband's sexual patterns for a better definition of sexual disorders.

And in general, if this sexual pattern is carried out by your husband, it is probably based on affection, the desire to give you satisfaction, the desire to be recognized for his sexual ability, prove something against you if possible you have told about a certain sexual pattern or complaints about certain sexual. so he tries to please you or because your husband's curiosity about certain sexual patterns or positions.

Therefore, discuss it with your husband properly, and if by definition it has entered into a sexual disorder, then you can consult a sexologist or psychologist.

That is the information we can convey, also read the definition of sexual disorders.

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