The Scabs On The Circumcision Wound Accidentally Peeled Off?

Illustration of The Scabs On The Circumcision Wound Accidentally Peeled Off?
Illustration: The Scabs On The Circumcision Wound Accidentally Peeled Off? Bing

, my scabs on the penis that had just been circumcised peeled off, I’ve been dripping betadine so it doesn’t get infected. What’s the next step?

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Hi Rusli,

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Circumcision (circumcision) is done by cutting off the excess foreskin (prepuce) until it reaches the glans penis. In this way, the excess foreskin of the penis, which is often the site of accumulation of dead skin cells and microorganisms that cause infection, can be removed.

After circumcision, wounds on the skin will generally heal within 3 days to 2 weeks. This healing time may vary depending on the type of circumcision performed, post-circumcision wound care, body resistance, and a history of other illnesses suffered. After healing, the circumcision wound can dry out and form a scab.

Scabs on circumcision scars that peel off accidentally are generally not a dangerous thing. However, open sores that appear as a result of peeling scabs can facilitate infection. Therefore, it is necessary to do proper handling, namely in the following ways:

Clean the wound from the peeling of the scab using gauze that has been moistened with intravenous fluids (NaCl), do not rub excessively, just gently rub
Don't overhandle the scab skin using hands that are doubtful of cleanliness
Avoid applying anything to the genitals, unless advised by a doctor
Keep genitals clean and dry
Clean intimate organs using clean water after every urination and sexual intercourse
Wear clean and comfortable underwear and pants
Stay away from free sex

If the circumcision wound does not heal within 1 week, or there are complaints such as the wound failing to unite, swelling, redness, pain, and abnormal secretions from the circumcision mark, you should return to the surgeon who circumcised you for the best treatment. ..

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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