The Scalp Of The Child Seems Crusty That Never Heals?

Illustration of The Scalp Of The Child Seems Crusty That Never Heals?
Illustration: The Scalp Of The Child Seems Crusty That Never Heals?

Dr., my child is 3.5 years old, there are enlarged spots on his head and like dandruff at the bottom of his hair (scalp) This has been experienced for 4 months … I have come from the skin and from the child until my child has been injected with allergies … But why is this it hasn’t healed yet .. I don’t crust only a small dandruff. I’m worried that this is getting bigger

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Hello Mega,

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Palsy and dandruff on a child's head may indicate a yeast infection on his scalp (tinea capitis). This condition is caused by fungal infections of dermatophytes that are easily transmitted through several transmission routes, for example from humans to humans, from objects to humans (for example clothes, towels), or from animals to humans (especially dogs or cats). Because it is infected by fungus, scalp cramps itching, thickened, crusty, flaking, reddish, and the hair becomes damaged, dry, dull, brittle, so baldness occurs (humps).

In addition to tinea capitis, your child's complaints can also occur due to other factors, such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, bacterial infections or other microorganisms, xerosis, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and so on.

In order to avoid prolonged occurrence, we recommend that you consult your child directly to the doctor, dermatologist, or pediatrician so that the best treatment can be given. Depending on the cause, your child's condition can be treated with a variety of treatments, for example by giving antifungal drugs, or other drugs.

For now, you should do:

Bathe your child 2 times a day, use special baby bathing products
Don't wear headgears on children who are too thick, or exchange with other people
Apply olive oil or coconut oil to the child's scalp
Do not carelessly slough or give any treatment to the child's scalp without consulting a doctor first
Give children more water and fruits

Hope this helps ...

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