The Scar Becomes Colloid?

Illustration of The Scar Becomes Colloid?
Illustration: The Scar Becomes Colloid?

Hello doctor, I want to ask you last February when I finished my heart valve replacement surgery. Now my scar is itchy and red like colloid. Could it be dangerous?

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Hello Goddess.

Thank you for asking the Community.

Keloids are an over-healing mechanism for wounds, where scar tissue multiplies over the wound and extends beyond the wound itself. Keloid is benign and not dangerous, but if the growth is not controlled, it can be a sign of malignancy.

In some cases, keloids don't cause symptoms. Symptoms that often arise include itching, pain, and irritation due to friction on the keloid. So the symptoms you experience are normal for keloid sufferers in general.

Keloids can be removed surgically, or by medication.

Surgery. The doctor will remove the keloid. The risk of using this method is the emergence of new keloids. Therefore, it is usually combined with other medicinal measures. Treatment action. These actions include injecting steroids into keloids, cryotherapy (frozen therapy), lasers, and so on. If the keloid you are experiencing is quite disturbing, it's a good idea to visit a doctor, both a general practitioner and a dermatologist to get the right treatment.

Some suggestions that can be done before you see a doctor include:

Always keep your body clean. Eat nutritious foods. Avoid rubbing against the keloids by not wearing tight clothing.

This is the information we can convey, thank you and hope it is useful.


Dr. M. Rizki

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