The Second Dose Of Hepatitis B Vaccine Is Late?

Illustration of The Second Dose Of Hepatitis B Vaccine Is Late?
Illustration: The Second Dose Of Hepatitis B Vaccine Is Late?

Good afternoon, I am Laeny, 30 years old, on February 21, 2020 I have received the Hepatitis B vaccine and scheduled for the end of March 2020 for the second booster vaccine. I also made an agreement with the clinic to be vaccinated today on March 25, 2020. But when I came, the clinic was closed because of the Covid-19 outbreak and will be opened after April 12. That means it’s approaching the second month after I got the first immunization. My question is what? I am worried that this vaccine will be ineffective later because it is too late, it is not my fault. I’m afraid that it will be re-vaccinated because the first vaccine is not considered. If I read the article from the CDC, the second and third vaccines are sufficient to be completed as long as they do not exceed 2 years. Moreover, my mother said, the vaccine I received after birth was complete. But to confirm whether I need to check the anti-hepatitis B titer? Please enlighten me. Thanks

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Hello Laeny, Thank you for the question.

Hepatitis B vaccine is usually given as many as 3 doses, namely in the initial month, 1 month after the first dose, and 6 months after the first dose. Receiving a complete hepatitis B vaccine is needed to ensure that the immune system formed by the vaccine is optimal and can prevent hepatitis B infection. If you currently have the clinic where you received the vaccine closed, you can wait for the clinic to open and receive a second vaccine when the clinic is open and the third vaccine is given at least 2 months apart from the second dose, without prior blood tests. You don't need to repeat the hepatitis B vaccine from the start. Alternatively, if you have received the hepatitis B vaccine as a child, your body has usually formed antibodies against the hepatitis B virus and in general, a booster vaccine is not needed. In this condition, you can do a blood test to find out the level of antibodies against hepatitis B first. If the result is> 10 mIU / mL, the second and third vaccines are not needed. But if the results are <10 mIU / mL, you should receive the second and third vaccines.

Unfortunately, due to limited information on why you are receiving the hepatitis B vaccine again, you should follow the advice of the doctor who checks and recommends receiving the vaccine as much as 3 doses (follow the first recommendation).

Hopefully this information helps you.

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