The Second Menstruation After The Curette Did Not Come?

Hello, I am Ariqah at the age of 26, I was pregnant in November 2018, then was curetted at the end of December, January did not menstruate at all, February. The first 16 menstruation after curette, marital intercourse 11-17 March, then no menstruation at all in March, until April 6, the end of March I think it will menstruate because there is a muddy in the vagina in fact only vaginal discharge, the question is whether I am pregnant ?, Because I tested several times the results were negative, please answer.

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Good afternoon Ariqah, thank you for asking at We understand your confusion. Curettage or curettage procedure is a procedure performed to remove tissue that is not supposed to exist in the uterus, because if left there, can trigger an infection that can be fatal in women. Among the conditions that may require curettage are wine pregnancy, empty pregnancy, and miscarriage which some or all parts of the fetus are still present in the uterus.

Regarding your question, when it comes to the procedure of curette itself, what you experience is quite often encountered. When doing a curette, the lining of the uterus is 'dredged' using a special tool that causes not only the undue tissue to come out, but also the uterine tissue itself. That is why this procedure can be very painful and must use the aid of drugs. As a result, the thickness of the uterine lining becomes unbalanced and to eventually be able to menstruate regularly again, it can take months to be different in each woman because the thickness of the dredged layer is also different.

If it is not related to the curette procedure, your menstrual irregularities can also be caused by stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, overcrowded or heavy activity, eating fatty foods, undergoing dietary procedures, and medical conditions such as ovarian cysts. All of these things can cause you not to menstruate, so indeed, most likely you are not pregnant because there are still many other causes of no menstruation, especially if you have already done antenatal care three times and all of them show negative results.

Our advice, it's a good idea to check back to your obstetrician to be sure whether your condition is still related to your curette history or for other reasons. Your doctor may conduct a supporting examination such as an ultrasound to confirm your condition before providing further treatment.

Meanwhile, you just need to live a healthy lifestyle by staying away from smoking and stress, regular breaks, maintaining ideal body weight, and exercising according to your abilities. So, hopefully answering your question.

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