The Sensation Of Urinating That Is Not Loose?

Illustration of The Sensation Of Urinating That Is Not Loose?
Illustration: The Sensation Of Urinating That Is Not Loose?

Good morning, I’m Santoso 68 years old.

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The sensation of urinating that is not loose can be caused by many factors, one of which is interference with the prostate. The prostate itself is part of the male reproductive organ which is responsible for producing semen. Disorders of the prostate that can cause urination become insoluble, including:

BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia); overgrowth of cells that make up the prostate that is not malignant
Prostatitis; inflammation of the prostate, often caused by bacterial infection
Prostate cancer (malignant prostate tumor)

Your PSA (prostate specific antigen) results that are still in the normal range indicate that your complaint is most likely not related to prostate cancer, but does not rule out other prostate disorders as mentioned above.

Your complaints that improve with the consumption of Harnal Ocas (which contains tamsulosin HCl) may indicate that your complaint occurs related to BPH. This condition is not yet clearly identified the cause until now, but it is strongly suspected to be related to aging, genetic (heredity), diabetes, heart disease, and an unhealthy lifestyle. In mild conditions, this disease is often treated by administration of drugs, such as alpha blockers, 5 alpha reductase inhibitors, tadalafil, and so on. However, if considered not responding well to this therapy, doctors can also consider other medical measures, such as:

Operations, for example:

TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate)
TIRP (transurethral incision of the prostate)
TUMT (transurethral microwave thermotherapy)
TUNA (transurethral needle ablation)

Laser therapy
PUL (prostatic urethral lift)

It is better to have your complaint directly checked by a doctor or a specialist in urology surgery so that the best treatment can be given. Determination of the appropriate handling of patients with BPH needs to be considered by considering many factors, including prostate size, age, general health condition, and how disturbing complaints that arise. With a doctor's examination as well, other possible causes of urinary disorders that you experience, for example those related to infections or urinary tract stones, pelvic nerve disorders, etc., can be detected and treated properly.

Our advice in the meantime:

Not getting used to resist the urge to urinate
Limit too much drinking at night
Limit caffeine consumption
Do not consume alcohol or smoke
Live a healthy diet to avoid obesity (obesity can increase prostate swelling)
Actively exercising
Do not consume drugs carelessly
Avoid being in an environment that is too cold for too long, so you don't always want to pee

Hope this helps ...

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