The Skin Around The Cut On The Child’s Finger Is Swollen And Hot?

Illustration of The Skin Around The Cut On The Child’s Finger Is Swollen And Hot?
Illustration: The Skin Around The Cut On The Child’s Finger Is Swollen And Hot?

My child is 1.5 years old … fell and there was a wound on his 3 fingers … small but deep enough … I washed it clean then gave Betadine and I just left it because I used to like smbuh myself … but when I saw the wound dried up but the skin around it even swollen red and hot like there is pus .. that’s only in 2 fingers .. the usual dry ring finger .. r n What should I do? r nThank you in advance doctor ..

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I understand your concern. Toddlers have a great sense of curiosity about their surroundings. Not infrequently, they often experience trauma resulting in injuries. To treat wounds in children, you don't need to worry. Calm the child to start doing wound care. Make sure your hands are clean before treating the wound. Clean the wound from dirt that may still be attached with distilled water or sterile liquid then give antiseptic. A clean wound will prevent infection from forming, which can prolong the wound healing period.

The steps you have taken are good enough, namely efforts to clean the wound and give antiseptics with betadine to prevent infection. Deep wounds can be left open to help speed up the healing process. However, if you find a wound that tends to be deep, it should be covered with a bandage / sterile gauze to keep it from contamination that can cause infection.

If symptoms of infection arise, it is better to immediately take it to the nearest doctor for examination and proper management. Here are some signs of infection in the wound that you should be aware of:

Redness around the wound 'You can see pus around the wound Swelling around the wound Pain Fever Here I have included an article about good wound care sundries that you can read further to help you treat your child's wounds

So much information from me, hope it helps

dr. Fitria Ayu

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