The Skin Around The Lips Suddenly Blackens?

Illustration of The Skin Around The Lips Suddenly Blackens?
Illustration: The Skin Around The Lips Suddenly Blackens?

I want to ask the skin on my face beside the lips, why is it suddenly black? Initially, I rubbed it and rubbed it using a cloth and it was blister and turned black, how do I deal with it? Oiyaa and my finger skin has been peeling for a year and it’s dry on its own and if it hits a sharp object it bleeds a little, because it’s too thin. And how do you deal with it? Thank you

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Hello Devii Ramadhanty,

Some skin discoloration becomes darker than the surrounding skin / normal is called hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation can occur after the inflammatory process / inflammation that also occurs when the skin is injured. The appearance of hyperpigmentation on the skin is caused by a buildup of melanin. Melanin is a pigment of a person's skin color, excessive melanin production will bring up dark patches / hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Some hyperpigmentation of the skin is not dangerous but can interfere with appearance. However, there are also some black spots that can constitute a pre-cancerous lesion. Of course you can do a direct examination with a dermatologist to differentiate it.

To overcome post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, you can use the following ingredients:

Vitamin C and kojik acid. The use of health care that contains these ingredients can be efficacious to brighten the skin and help fade hyperpigmentation. The use of face cream certainly does not provide instant results and must be used routinely. Also make sure the face cream used is safe and tested by BPOM.
Retinol. Drugs or creams that contain retinol can increase skin cell regeneration and help the whitening cream work.
Chemical peeling. Is a drug that is applied to the face that is "peeling" the skin, thus helping to fade hyperpigmentation. This drug can cause irritation to the skin of some people, so its use must be careful.
Laser therapy. Can quickly eliminate existing hyperpigmentation. Laser "cuts" in the area of ​​hyperpigmentation and damage the cells that produce melanin so that the dark spots are expected to disappear.
Use a moisturizer and sunblock

Dry, flaky finger skin can be caused by the following disorders:

Contact dermatitis
Fungal or bacterial infections
Atopic dermatitis
Scarlet fever
Kawasaki disease
Drug side effects
and much more

Further examination with a dermatologist can determine the right diagnosis and treatment that is appropriate for your skin condition. If the skin disorder is only caused by dry skin, the following things you can do to reduce symptoms.

Use emollient / moisturizer
Use natural moisturizers such as olive oil, wheat germ oil. Apply as often as possible to the skin of the hands that have been cleaned with water and soap
Replace hand washing soap with moisturizing soap with low alcohol content
Apply a wet tea bag to the surface of the skin of the hands. The content of tea can stimulate the growth of new skin cells

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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