The Skin Of The Fingers Is Peeling, Dry And Getting Wider?

Illustration of The Skin Of The Fingers Is Peeling, Dry And Getting Wider?
Illustration: The Skin Of The Fingers Is Peeling, Dry And Getting Wider?

Hello, my index finger was initially peeled off but now it is dry and cracked. Fingerprints were hard to read and the problem area of ​​skin was getting wider and closer to the palm of my hand. each will widen the skin red and itchy. what causes it? tks

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Hi Helvy,

Thank you for asking

Skin peeling, dry, cracked, red, itchy, and widened fingers may indicate a contact dermatitis. This condition can occur due to inflamed skin, namely because:

Contact with irritating substances (irritant contact dermatitis), eg detergents, perfumes, certain chemicals
Allergy to substances in contact with the skin, even though other people contact with this substance does not cause any complaints (allergic contact dermatitis), for example latex, and so on

In more severe cases, contact dermatitis can make the skin swollen, blistered, watery, and difficult to heal in a short time. Usually, complaints due to contact dermatitis occur limited to areas of the skin that are in direct contact with irritants and allergens.

It could also, in addition to contact dermatitis, your complaints arise due to other causes, such as fungal infections (tinea manum, cutaneous candidiasis), seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, xerosis (dry skin), drug eruptions, bacterial infections or other microorganisms (such as impetigo , scabies), and so on.

You can get your condition checked directly to a doctor or dermatologist before the complaints spread and spread to other areas of the body. Avoid giving drugs (be it ointments, creams, or powders) carelessly without a prescription directly from a doctor.

To deal with temporary complaints, be diligent about washing your hands with a mild soap, not rubbing excessively the skin that is experiencing complaints, and drying your hands and fingers well using a clean, soft-fiber towel. Use a moisturizer to help prevent the skin of the hands and fingers from becoming dry. First avoid contact between the skin of the fingers and hands with substances that have a risk of triggering irritation and allergies (as described above). Also avoid direct or indirect contact between the hands and fingers that are experiencing complaints with other people to minimize the risk of transmission.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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