The Skin Often Itch Until There Is Fluid In It?

Illustration of The Skin Often Itch Until There Is Fluid In It?
Illustration: The Skin Often Itch Until There Is Fluid In It? Bing

Hi. I’d like to ask. I often get skin diseases. Usually around the hands or feet. It is red in color, feels very itchy, there is a clear liquid in it, when you press it it comes out and the next day there is more fluid and it gets wider. When it’s been a long time it will blacken and imprint on the skin. Before relapse, the disease was cured because I applied ketoconazole ointment even though the process took a long time.rnrnI happen to have a cat. The cat had mold in the ear and then recovered after I gave ketoconazole.rnrn Coincidentally, my skin disease is exactly the same as the picture in this link: u0026amp;bih=355u0026amp;tbm=ischu0026amp;sa=1u0026amp;ei=O-zTWo2tPMfUvASdmJZou0026amp;q=itch+red+there+fluid+white+widenu0026amp;oq=u0026amp; gs_l=mobile-gws-img.1.2.35i39l3.0.0..91213…2….0.0…………. .3.hH27wYFkoDo%3D#imgrc=IwF34qdQwUcz9M:rnrnSo, is this itching caused by cats? What disease do you think this is? Then what is the correct type of medicine for my disease?rnrnThank you,

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Hi Adelia,

Thank you for asking

Reddish, itchy, and watery skin on the hands and feet can appear for many reasons, not always due to fungal infections, but can also be due to bacterial infections, viruses, mites, allergies, irritations, and so on.

Fungal infections in cats can indeed be transmitted to humans when in direct or indirect contact with the lesions that appear. This infection, in addition to causing skin redness, itching, and watering, will generally also cause the skin to appear scaly, peeling, and forming pale islands in the middle. This fungal infection is more prone to occur in those whose skin hygiene is not well maintained, often sweats or is exposed to humid air, and also has a weak immune system.

In addition to fungal infections, the following conditions can also trigger your complaint:

Scabies (scabies) Cutaneous candidiasis Folliculitis (hair root infection) Impetigo (bacterial infection) Miliaria (prickly heat) Contact dermatitis (skin inflammation due to contact with an allergenic or irritating substance) Tinea manum, tinea pedis (fungus of the hands and feet) Hand foot and mouth disease (Singapore flu) Varicella (chickenpox), etc. Determining the appropriate type of drug to treat skin diseases must be done by first identifying the cause of the skin disease. So it can't be random. You should first check with your doctor so that it is known whether it is true that your complaints arise due to a fungal infection, or if there are other reasons.

In the meantime, it's best not to touch the skin rash that appears, or scratch and peel it forcibly. Take a shower regularly with antiseptic soap and wash your hands and feet regularly to keep your body clean. Do not get into the habit of exchanging personal items with other people, especially those whose cleanliness is doubtful. To relieve itching, first sprinkle a powder containing salicylic acid on the skin rash that appears.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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