The Skin On The Back Of The Molars Is Injured And Peeling Off?

Illustration of The Skin On The Back Of The Molars Is Injured And Peeling Off?
Illustration: The Skin On The Back Of The Molars Is Injured And Peeling Off?

Yuda, 21 years old r n r nDock of my right molar, the skin covering the teeth on the back is torn and peeled off .. it forms a hole .. r nWhy do you think why? R n never healed, r nAt first, I often chewed the hard chips. So that it tore the skin on the back molar teeth. r nThe pain went away after taking ponstan .. but the torn wound was still not healed r nThen after a few weeks the pain came back … r n r nPlease enlightenment … r nI happen to be a smoker .😯

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Good evening Yuda, thank you for asking at Before continuing, we need to straighten out that there is no skin inside the mouth. What you are probably referring to is the gums, or the inside of the cheek, which in medical language is the mucosal wall of the cheek. The skin is the outermost part of the body that covers our entire body.

So that by doing so, gums that are inflamed, injured, torn or peeled, can occur due to various things, such as:

Eating sharp edged foods
Not maintaining oral health by regularly brushing your teeth
Smoking because it makes gum tissue difficult to regenerate
Infection due to certain bacteria, fungi or viruses
Have a low immune system
Drug side effects
Lack of nutrition
Hormonal changes

Due to the many causes, we think it is important for you to check with a dentist, so that it can be seen first hand, especially about the part that you call a tear to avoid any fundamental misunderstandings. Then by looking directly at it and digging into your medical history, you can find out the biggest risk factor (which so far seems to be smoking) so that an optimal recovery plan can be drawn up by eliminating the risk factors in addition to giving drugs.

Meanwhile, keep your teeth and mouth clean by regularly brushing your teeth twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush, also using dental floss or mouthwash to reach narrow places. Avoid smoking, and don't chew solid foods first. So, hopefully it answers your question.

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