The Skin On The Inner Thigh Feels Dry And Circular In Shape?

Illustration of The Skin On The Inner Thigh Feels Dry And Circular In Shape?
Illustration: The Skin On The Inner Thigh Feels Dry And Circular In Shape?

Afternoon, I want to ask the doctor on my inner upper thigh skin and arms of my upper hand there is a dry part, if it is scratched like dry skin, but only a certain part and forms a circle, but it doesn’t feel itchy, and spreads, that’s what and how is the treatment? Thank you

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Hi Muslikhatun,

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The appearance of a part of the skin which dries out in a circle is most likely a fungal infection. This condition is prone to occur in parts of the body that are often exposed to high humidity, including the thigh area and inner arms. The disease-causing fungus can easily infect and colonize, causing complaints if you often produce excessive sweating, for example if you often exercise, have a heavy activity, work in a hot environment, or use thick, hot clothing. Poor personal hygiene, contact with people with other fungal infections, and poor immune system can increase your risk of developing this disease.

There are various types of fungi that can infect the skin and cause complaints, for example dermatophytes, Candida sp, and so on. Typically, fungal infections of the skin will cause the skin to become dry, scaly, peeling, pale or reddish, with a circular shape like a pulai whose sides are more active than the middle. Often, the rash from this yeast infection will itch, especially when sweating. However, the threshold for feeling itchy can vary from person to person so it doesn't feel significant to you.

In addition to fungal infections, the dry, circular skin you experience may also be caused by seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, infections of other microorganisms, xerosis, and so on. To be clear which causes trigger your complaints, you should check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist yes. If it is true that fungal infections are the cause, then topical and / or oral fungal medications can be prescribed by your doctor so that your complaints improve.

At this time, you can improve your personal hygiene first, including by being more diligent in bathing, changing clothes at least 2 times a day, and not exchanging personal items with others. Dry your body well when sweating, don't scratch, rub, or exaggerate areas of dry skin. Also multiply the intake of fluids so that the skin does not dry out, and always live a healthy lifestyle so that the immune system is always maintained.

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