The Slimy And Greenish Chapter In Children Aged 2 Years?

Illustration of The Slimy And Greenish Chapter In Children Aged 2 Years?
Illustration: The Slimy And Greenish Chapter In Children Aged 2 Years?

.your child is 23blan My son is mreting and mretreting is slimy and green And also my child’s vagina is aching when he peed, if he peed it must be the same as his chapter

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Hello Isas,

How many times is the bowel movement and how many days have you experienced this condition? Is it accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or fever? Diarrhea / diarrhea if the frequency of bowel movements is more than 3x / day with a consistency that is thinner than usual.

Slimy and green diarrhea in children can be caused by the following conditions:

Food poisoning
Infections of the digestive tract
Food or milk allergies
Food intolerance
Hepatobiliary system disorders

As for the vaginal pain, maybe what is meant ascit when urinating. This condition can be caused due to infection of the urinary tract, trauma to the vagina and urinary tract, or irritation / injury around the vagina and urinary tract. But to make sure it requires a direct examination by a doctor.

I suggest that you take your child to the nearest doctor or emergency room so that further tests can be done to ensure the condition and that your child can be given more appropriate treatment. If needed the doctor may be able to do blood tests or stool tests and urine tests on your child. Handling given will be adjusted to the results of the examination on your child. In general, handling diarrhea is by giving fluids (can ORS to infusion), zinc, probiotics if necessary, drugs to reduce complaints (eg anti-emetic, fever-reducing), and antibiotics are only given if there is an infection.

For a while while waiting to see a doctor, you can do the following tips:

Give enough water, if still ASI, continue breastfeeding
Clean immediately if the child diarrhea again so as not to touch and irritate the vaginal area
Give pants that are comfortable
Give children food that is easily digested
Wash hands before and after preparing the child's food and make sure the food is processed cleanly
Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration: lazy drinking, weakness, sleepiness, crying without tears, small or thick urine, cold hands and feet. If there is a sign of dehydration, you should immediately take it to the nearest emergency room

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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