The Smell Of Vaginal Discharge Was More Pungent Than Before?

Illustration of The Smell Of Vaginal Discharge Was More Pungent Than Before?
Illustration: The Smell Of Vaginal Discharge Was More Pungent Than Before?

vaginal discharge does have a distinctive aroma, but lately the scent smells stronger, especially when you’re excited. If the liquid is exposed to other parts of the body, the aroma is also difficult to remove unless with a strong scented soap / shampoo. R nIs this normal? Or do I have BC? R nIf I go to the clinic, can I use BPJS? Do you need lab tests too? Is there any medicine that I can take to treat it because I work far from my registered BPJs health facility. Thanks .

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Hi Ndahmaa,

Thank you for asking

Normally, whitish mucus will be clear to whitish in color, odorless, not itchy, not sore, and also does not come out in too much to wet underwear.

In some conditions, the smell of vaginal discharge can become more pungent due to increased production, for example when you are stressed, are in your fertile period, are using hormonal birth control, or just before menstruation. As long as your vaginal discharge is still normal, and you don't feel any other complaints, such as itching or burning around the genitals, this condition is generally not dangerous.

You need to be aware if your vaginal discharge smells rancid, fishy, ​​or rotten like pus. Moreover, if the discharge smells stinging, it appears accompanied by itching, burning, and abnormal vaginal coloration. In these conditions, you may have an infection. This infection can occur due to poor hygiene of your sex organs, or it can also be transmitted from your sexual partner. Some of the most common types of infections that cause pungent vaginal discharge are Candida albicans, Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and so on.

In addition to infection, pungent vaginal discharge can also occur due to irritation (for example, due to the use of sanitary napkins or feminine fragrance soaps), vaginal fistulas (abnormal tubes that connect the vagina with other organs), malignancy (such as cervical cancer), or the entry of foreign objects.

In this condition, you should go to a doctor directly. You can go directly to puskesmas, government hospitals, and clinics or other hospitals that work with BPJS if you do use this insurance. What examinations will need to be done later depends on the doctor's decision later, it can be enough with a physical examination, cervical mucus sampling, urine test, ultrasound, IVA test, or pap smear.

In the meantime, you should first do the following steps:

Clean the genitals after every bowel movement
If you are not married, stay away from all forms of premarital sex
If you are married, be faithful to 1 partner
Avoid using scented soaps to clean intimate organs or sanitary napkins that contain fragrances
Choose clean cotton underwear
Stay away from stress

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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