The Solution In Dealing With Stroke Patients Whose Memory Starts To Disappear?

Illustration of The Solution In Dealing With Stroke Patients Whose Memory Starts To Disappear?
Illustration: The Solution In Dealing With Stroke Patients Whose Memory Starts To Disappear?

Hello .. I want to ask .. My father suffered a stroke half the body has been 2 years and so far only undergoing outpatient treatment at the nearest health center. But if you pay attention to the longer the condition of his memory worse. When he had a stroke, his memory was still very good. But now sometimes it does not recognize family members and sometimes also hallucinations arise. His emotions are increasingly out of control and more sensitive. The words that are spoken are also very rude and dare to throw things that are nearby if you are angry. So we who live in one house feel scared and also feel very ashamed because when we were angry the sound of screams was very loud to be heard until our neighbor’s house was at the very end. You can’t sleep every night, but if you go to sleep, you sleep all the time. So what should we do now? Please help. Thanks.

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Hello Jeniar Khalifah, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Stroke is an interruption in blood supply to the brain that can be caused by blockage or bleeding, which in turn will cause death in brain tissue because it does not get blood supply. Complaints that will arise from tissue damage in addition to causing paralysis are dependent on which part of the brain is affected. This is consistent with the complaints you mentioned that memory loss and emotional disturbances indicate damage to the frontal lobes. But this can be compounded by your father's age, the older the age will trigger dementia / senile.

In the actual treatment there is no specific action if a stroke has occurred a long time ago, the therapy is only done to treat underlying diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc., prevent expansion of the stroke area, prevent recurrent strokes, and improve quality of life. Treatment can be done at the first-level facility to deal with underlying disease, but it is better for you to check up with a neurologist to monitor the condition of the development of the stroke within a certain period.

Right now what you can do is:

 Evaluate stroke-based disease in your father, such as hypertension, dm, etc. Is it well controlled? If you use health insurance, discuss with your doctor to make a referral to a neurologist considering the current worsening symptoms. Understand your father's current condition, keep away from objects that can injure themselves such as objects made of glass, knives, etc. That's all I can answer, hopefully it helps.

Thank you, good luck always :)

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