The Solution To Get Rid Of Pimples And Black Marks?

Illustration of The Solution To Get Rid Of Pimples And Black Marks?
Illustration: The Solution To Get Rid Of Pimples And Black Marks?

Hello. In January I consulted a dermatologist to deal with acne complaints. But until now Pimples still continue to appear with larger types of acne. More inflamed. And left a blackened scar and difficult to disappear. I wonder how ?

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Hello, Ms.Septiani Prayudi, thank you for consulting us on Did you control your use of the dermatologist's medication regimen again to be evaluated for the use of drugs given to your acne? Acne that has been very inflamed and enlarged will certainly make anyone who experiences it become insecure when meeting with friends or other people. Apart from excessive oil / sebum production factors, the presence of bacteria and hormonal factors can also affect the level of acne experienced.

Curing acne is not something that can be obtained instantly, you need to have the first time and the most important thing is to be mentally strong. Where this strong mentality will not make you give up in finding a way out to treat acne and make you not fall stress which will only aggravate the condition of acne that appears. To treat acne, consistency is needed, and the combination of treatment means not only relying on the use of acne medications, but also in the right way to treat acne to get the desired results, and this acne treatment is also an important step you need to take.

Here are some examples of ingredients in acne medicine that can get rid of pimples slowly, namely:

benzoyl peroxide: its function is as an antiseptic which works to kill bacteria that are on the skin. The results will appear at least 6 weeks of regular use and with the correct use according to the usage rules stated on the package. In addition to acne, this drug can reduce blackheads which are usually the origin of acne, and can reduce inflammation in acne. Side effects: dry skin, sensitive to sunlight, burning sensation to itching, skin becomes red and peeling, this will occur in the early weeks of use, after which it will improve by itself. topical retinoids: usually called tretinoin ointment, the way it works is to stimulate the formation of new skin so that dead skin will be removed and can be replaced with new skin, with this principle the acne will also disappear by itself. It's just that this drug can really make skin sensitive to sunlight, which will make skin reddish, feel hot and very dry when exposed to sunlight. For that we need to routinely apply facial moisturizer and do not forget to use sunscreen, especially when active outside the home. topical antibiotics: its function is to kill bacteria that usually infect blocked hair follicles, so that it can trigger new acne. Its use must be routine at least it takes 6-8 weeks to get the desired results azelaic acid: works by removing dead skin cells and killing bacteria. A drug choice that can be used when you are unsuitable or can't stand using a topical benzoyl peroxide or retinoid regimen. Antibiotic tablets: usually needed in severe acne sufferers where this allows for the systematic eradication of bacteria from the body so that it is expected that bacteria on the face that have entered the skin and cannot be reached with topical drugs can be destroyed along with the use of these antibiotic tablets. It's just to get it necessary by prescription because its use must be under the supervision of a doctor. Hormone therapy: is performed on women who are suspected of having a clinical condition of PCOS, which can cause hormone disruption. For therapies / medical treatment procedures that do not use the drug of choice are as follows:

chemical peels / laser therapy and photodynamic peeling injections of corticosteroids extracted blackheads Which all must be done by trained health workers and must be under the supervision of a doctor. Usually it can be found at beauty centers or beauty clinics, and also at dermatologists.

In addition to the above therapies, no less important is the treatment of acne independently at home. Because with proper care, and routine, it is not impossible that your acne will gradually improve and disappear. Here are the steps you can take:

clean your face using face soap that matches your skin, do it at least 2x a day and not more than 3x, because too often washing your face will only make acne worse. A good and safe facial soap is basically a neutral pH that is close to the pH of the skin (pH 5.5), does not contain fragrance / fregrance and does not contain preservatives / parabens. But if you are very difficult to get it, then use facial soap that has been suitable, and try not to use facial soap in the form of cream, foam and gel facial soap will be safer for inflamed zits. most important is not squeezing, holding and pressing pimples to break using hands, especially hands that are dirty / not washed. The manipulation will only make the inflammation process longer, the acne take a long time to heal, and will also make the condition of the acne worse because of a bacterial infection that comes in with the touch of the hand. choose facial care products that are water-based or gel-shaped, because it has no potential to clog pores and can be directly absorbed by the skin. In addition, products that do not contain fragrance, paraben and noncomedogenic are products that on average provide optimal results in treating stubborn acne. keep using sunscreen when you leave the house, because sunscreen is very important in protecting your inflamed zits from getting worse when exposed to sunlight. When you have to do outdoor activities, try to use hats, masks or anything that can cover your face so that the sun's rays do not directly affect your facial skin. while not using makeup products or makeup that are too heavy, which can cover up the pores of the face and become a source of new zits if not cleaned properly. avoid foods that are too much fat, such as fried foods and foods / drinks that are too sweet. Because besides being unhealthy, these foods will increase sugar levels and cause oxidation which is harmful to your body, which is usually marked by the onset of pimples on the skin. multiply the consumption of water or if you don't like it you can consume infusion water that has more benefits, multiply the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables which contain lots of vitamins, fiber and other ingredients that are very beneficial for your skin. Thus your explanation, hopefully all information from us can help you. Stay patient and enthusiastic in fighting stubborn acne huh. thanks.

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