The Solution To Overcome Dizziness That Never Healed?

Morning, I want to ask about headaches. The last 2 weeks in July I felt very heavy on the front of the head and the back, above the neck. My activity is just getting up and sitting-sleeping again (staying up all the time too, a lot of thoughts too). Every time I take medicine, it decreases but it doesn’t completely disappear. For example 3 daily illness, esoknys after taking the medication was gone on the 4th day, 5. But it relapsed again on the 6th day. But I can still walk and don’t want to fall, it’s just so heavy on the head of sm from inside the pain really, especially the head of the front bag. August 17 because I was still ill I checked into the hospital, injected and given medicine, recovered until the medicine was gone. Until the end of the 27th, a mild headache. Today, the dizziness on the 30th day is getting worse. How is this delicious? The subject of eating has been fixed since the 17th check. Is it because you stay up all night again until 1:30? which is now very heavy inside the front head. Please help advice. Thank you

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Headaches front, and back to the neck and felt heavy that lasts disappear can be triggered by many things including some things that you mentioned such as, lack of rest, habitual staying up late, limited physical activity just waking up and sitting, and the burden of thought.

Some possibilities:

Tension headache
Cluster headaches

Handling medical conditions is not enough just by the use of drugs but it requires collaboration and good cooperation from patients to make changes and improve lifestyle.

All you have to do:

Improve lifestyle to be healthier
Get enough sleep and rest 7-9 hours per day
Eat regularly and not be late
Exercise regularly and regularly
Manage stress
Limit the use of gadgets and monitors
Do not read and use cellphones in a dark place

If the changes in lifestyle above do not improve as well, it is advisable to consult a neurologist so that further clinical evaluation

So much information from me, hopefully it helps

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