The Solution To Overcome Excessive Fear, Negative Thinking And Often Alone?

Illustration of The Solution To Overcome Excessive Fear, Negative Thinking And Often Alone?
Illustration: The Solution To Overcome Excessive Fear, Negative Thinking And Often Alone?

excuse me, permission to ask. From the beginning until now, I have always been alone, feeling panicked and afraid to talk to people around due to bullying in middle school. and lately, I began to often skip school and shut myself in my room. Because I felt my friend, alienating me and talking about negative things about me. and I often think negatively of anything. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003who wants to be asked, how do I overcome panic, fear and negative thinking, such as those around me? and, is my attitude reasonable?

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Hi Alyvia,

Thank you for asking

Traumatic events that are profound, including due to frequent bullying at school, can cause a person to have excessive anxiety, fear, and anxiety when confronted with social interactions. As a result, the person will tend to shut down, afraid to get along with others, do not want to meet face to face with people who interact with him, feel himself always valued by others, feel others aware of the fear they have, feel excessive fear of social interaction that will be faced (even though it hasn't happened yet), worrying too much will embarrass yourself in front of others, be reluctant to leave the house, tend to shut yourself up, and experience a variety of other complaints. In more severe conditions, sufferers may also experience a variety of physical complaints that when examined objectively, often there are no logical reasons that trigger it, for example in the form of nausea, body aches, dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, trembling, excessive sweating sleeplessness, hot and cold, and so on. In the medical realm, this set of complaints usually indicates social phobia, or more accurately referred to as social anxiety disorder. Typically, this set of complaints will only be evident when sufferers are faced with social interactions, both in the school environment, work, friendship, sometimes even in the family or close relatives. Chances are, this is what underlies the emergence of your complaint.

Aside from previous traumatic history, this social phobia can also be triggered by other factors, such as genetic (innate), certain personalities, parenting since childhood, lifestyle (including alcohol or drug consumption habits), social environment, and many more. Because the trigger factors vary, in-depth psychiatric interviews are needed to establish the diagnosis of this psychiatric disorder.

Aside from social phobia, it could also be that your complaints are actually natural because of your shy, introverted nature, or also because there are other mental disorders, such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, cyclotymic disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and so on.

It's better if you go directly to a doctor or a psychiatrist. That way, you can also be given the best treatment in accordance with the conditions that underlie your complaints. what kind of treatment will be given later by doctors can vary, including counseling, drug administration, psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, and so forth.

Here are some of our initial suggestions:

Make bad events that happened in your past as a lesson to make your personal better, do not mess around too much, especially to make you stress Sharpen your potential and continue to make a proud achievement that makes you recognized by the environment around you Prove it in the people who used to bully you, that you too can be successful, happy, and do not dissolve in sadness due to their bullying Busy yourself with positive activities, dare yourself to interact with many people. Get used to always thinking well towards others, you know, they are one of the factors that support your success, not the other way around. Learn a lot of people's characters, take the good side, and get rid of the bad side. Learn to organize, so that your mind is more open, and can empathize with many people. fellow, then you will be treated well by others. Many do this self-examination, if there are mistakes in yourself, immediately improve your knowledge Enrich yourself with lots of reading, lots of learning Don't get hung up on a problem, look for a solution, then resume your life Always live a healthy lifestyle, stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and the environment Bad associations. Hope it helps.

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