The Solution To Overcome Itching All Over The Body?

Illustration of The Solution To Overcome Itching All Over The Body?
Illustration: The Solution To Overcome Itching All Over The Body?

Good night doctor. I have been in it for almost 3 months with itchiness all over my body. It appears like a round reddish rubber band. I have been to the skin specialist doctor several times in the area I live, but there is no reaction at all, I have tried to buy itching medication at the pharmacy. from the cheap price to the most expensive and the results are the same there is no reaction, I want to ask for a solution and advice to the doctor about how to treat the disease that I am suffering from. Thank you, please answer

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Hello Opik Electronics,

Skin disease with symptoms of itching, small nodules that form red circles all over the body may be caused by tinea corporis. Tinea corporis or skin ringworm arises from fungal infections. Skin lesions can appear throughout the body especially moist areas such as the folds of the arms, armpits, groin. Tinea corporis easily develops in warm and humid climates.

Symptoms of tinea corporis usually begin to appear 4-10 days after the body is exposed to the fungus. Symptoms that can appear include:

The appearance of a reddish circular rash on the skin with a slightly raised edge / looks more active than the area in the middle.
The skin feels itchy, scaly, or inflamed.
Itching gets worse when sweating

Spread and transmission of fungi can be from physical contact with human skin suffering from tinea corporis, contact with objects contaminated with fungi, contact with soil containing fungal spores. Some risk factors that make a person easily infected with fungus on the skin are:

Blood circulation is not normal.
Very young age (for example babies) or very old
Weak immune system, using corticosteroids, chemotherapy, HIV-AIDS
Metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus
Make close physical contact with people or animals suffering from tinea corporis
Never infected with fungus before.
Change clothes, sheets or towels with sufferers of tinea corporis.

The diagnosis of tinea corporis can be made from a physical examination and a history of the disease and symptoms felt by the patient. Investigations that can be done is to take samples of infected skin scrapings to be examined under a microscope. A more complete examination and consultation can be done with a dermatologist.

Tinea corporis treatment usually requires a longer time, at least 2 weeks. Treatment is done using an antifungal cream or added to an antifungal drug taken. The use of antifungal creams must be routine in the right way, which is applied extends to the parts of the skin that look healthy. The most important thing is to maintain body hygiene by:

Wash clothes, towels and bed linen regularly
Avoid clothes that are too tight
Avoid scratching the skin that is infected with the fungus
Clean the infected skin every day and dry it completely.
Change underwear and socks every day. Do not exchange clothes or towels with others
Make sure your pet is routinely checked by a veterinarian, especially if suspected of being infected with fungus. Wash hands after playing with animals

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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