The Solution To Overcome Lower Abdominal Pain, Nausea, Bloating, And Back Pain?

Illustration of The Solution To Overcome Lower Abdominal Pain, Nausea, Bloating, And Back Pain?
Illustration: The Solution To Overcome Lower Abdominal Pain, Nausea, Bloating, And Back Pain?

Hello … this is me mutoharoh from cirebon but again in Abu Dhabi …. sorry I want to ask … Already some of my lower abdomen is not good, the taste There is something strange Like nausea but not vomiting, bloating u0026amp; like to experience cramps suddenly in the lower right side of the stomach right next to the kidneys … it doesn’t taste good … sometimes the right hip hurts too … I’m here already the test has undergone blood, urine, even ultrasound results phosphitive morbidly There is nothing but why does it feel like all the above is not gone even though taking medicine … I’m confused about how to do it u0026amp; I’m afraid there’s also something going on …. Please give a solution ….. Thank you for your time🙂

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There are complaints of abdominal pain such as lower cramps, nausea, bloating, and sometimes accompanied by waist pain that you have felt in the past few days, possibly being triggered by food poisoning that you consumed previously. You can remember several types of food that you consume before all these complaints occur. Usually the condition of food poisoning can be triggered by consuming food that is processed, cooked, stored or served without regard to food safety. This is often found when you buy food outside or food that is sold open / not closed either; and sometimes this condition can be found because you buy food in other places that you don't normally buy. So you do not know the food safety conditions that are served by where you eat.
Even if this complaint does not start after you buy food outside, other conditions can also trigger these complaints such as dirty hands and not washing your hands before eating, dishes that are not clean, or the environment is less clean. And all this needs to be evaluated and confirmed directly by evaluating and identifying the possible causes,
In addition to complaints that you feel are caused by food poisoning, other medical conditions can also trigger the same complaint (especially if the results of your doctor's examination and supporting examinations that you have done are no problem) such as:
1. food intolerance
2. food allergies
3. gastric disorders, this can be triggered by eating too late, consumption of spicy foods, consumption of instant food, alcohol, drugs, or drinks that trigger stomach disorders
4. liver disorders
5. gastrointestinal infections part of the large intestine or appendix
Therefore, if you have already received treatment and complaints are still the same after a few days you consume drugs, you should consider re-consulting or re-controlling the doctor who treats you. The doctor will re-evaluate related to the journey of your illness and evaluation of the drug that has been given. So that the doctor can plan further treatment and treatment for you. If necessary, intensive care or hospitalization can be considered to help restore your health condition.
For now, you should be able to work on a few things:
1. eat and drink in small amounts but do it as often as possible, either every half hour or every hour. This is to reduce complaints of nausea and begah
2. Avoid spicy foods, instant foods, coconut foods, and oily foods
3. give warm water compresses on the stomach that hurts
4. get some rest
5. avoid sleeping late
Thus the information that we can convey.Thank you.

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