The Solution To Overcome Pain In The Area Where The Mole Grows Near The Ear?

Illustration of The Solution To Overcome Pain In The Area Where The Mole Grows Near The Ear?
Illustration: The Solution To Overcome Pain In The Area Where The Mole Grows Near The Ear? Bing

good morning..a friend of mine has ear pain due to a live mole near his ear. what is the solution and how to treat it? because because of that, the other ear also hurts. thank you

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Hi Nitamurobiyah,

Thanks for asking

Moles are changes in structure and color in the form of spots that are darker in color than the surrounding skin that appear on the surface of the skin. Color can be brown or slightly blackish. The shape starts from round, oval, flat or horizontal. Moles can grow from birth to a certain age. Moles can be one of the birthmarks, as a distinctive sign on a person's physique that can be dangerous or not. One of the most dangerous conditions for moles is a type of malignancy or cancer of the skin known as melanoma. This condition is a medical indication for mole removal surgery.

In the case of your relatives where there is pain in the place where the mole grows. So it is necessary to do a direct examination whether the pain that arises comes from the growth of the mole itself or is caused by another medical condition that causes ear pain. Some conditions that can be considered are the following conditions:

There is an injury to the muscles around the ear area There is an injury to the bone around the area There is inflammation of the outer, inner or middle ear. The presence of other complaints can help establish this diagnosis. For example, hearing loss, pain in the inner ear and sometimes accompanied by fever. The presence of inflammation or infection of the surrounding skin. Need to think about the enlargement or inflammation of the surrounding lymph nodes. One of the signs that can appear is the appearance of a lump around the ear area. Presence of other medical conditions.

Removal of moles is generally an indication of discomfort to the location of the mole that interferes with appearance. This indication, the doctor will perform a catheterization action to remove the mole. However, in cases such as melanoma, the choice of therapy is in the form of special surgery which can be carried out in several steps, besides chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy. In the case of your relative, treatment can be carried out according to the cause of your relative's condition, it can be advised to consult and direct examination by a dermatologist to assess moles first, whether or not a consultation with an ENT doctor related to ear pain can be consulted with a doctor previous skin or vice versa. In this way, appropriate treatment can be carried out.

That's all I can say, hopefully useful.

Regards, dr. Tiwi

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