The Solution To Treat Upper Right Groin Pain?

Illustration of The Solution To Treat Upper Right Groin Pain?
Illustration: The Solution To Treat Upper Right Groin Pain? Bing

Ass doctor,rnI’m ika, 24 years old.rnI gave birth vaginally exactly 7 months ago. 2 months after giving birth I used spiral contraceptives, and now I feel pain in the right upper groin. Is this a serious problem?

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Hi Ikha,

Thank you for asking

Pain in the right groin can appear due to many factors. This condition is not necessarily related to a history of childbirth and contraception that you used previously. Here are some possibilities:

Skin infections around the groin, eg folliculitis, Herpes zoster

Irritation, for example from friction with tight clothing or in obese people
Postherpetic neuralgia (postherpetic pain)
Myalgia (muscle pain)

Lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes) in the groin

Inguinal hernia (protruding bowel due to weakening of the abdominal wall)
Tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons)

Arthritis (arthritis), eg due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis

Pelvic inflammation (inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries)
Urinary tract infection
Bladder stones

Myoma (benign tumor of uterine muscle), and so on

Spiral family planning users often experience cramps in the lower abdominal area due to inflammation around the uterus. These cramps can also appear severe enough to spread to the groin.

However, to be sure, which condition underlies the emergence of your complaint, you should immediately see a doctor. It is also possible that the doctor will recommend that you undergo further tests, such as x-rays, ultrasound, laboratories, and so on.

If you are currently breastfeeding, you should avoid taking any drugs unless under the supervision of a doctor. You can relieve pain that arises by using a warm compress while elevating your right leg, such as by hanging or propping it up with a pillow. Reduce activities that are too heavy, such as lifting heavy objects, using high heels for too long, going up and down stairs and so on. Also make sure you eat regularly, exercise regularly, and get enough rest.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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