The Sound Becomes Small After Breast Cancer Surgery?

Illustration of The Sound Becomes Small After Breast Cancer Surgery?
Illustration: The Sound Becomes Small After Breast Cancer Surgery?

Good night, yes … I want to ask why after the surgical removal of the breast (cancer) the sound becomes smaller with a cough with phlegm … Is it dangerous if the sound gets smaller?

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Surgical removal of the breast due to a tumor or cancer, which is often called a mastectomy, is an action to save tissue that is still healthy so as not to be affected by the spread of the tumor. In practice, this procedure can only remove tumor tissue, can remove part of the breast, and can also remove all parts of the breast, depending on the condition and spread of the tumor. However, whatever the method, this action is performed on the chest area, and does not involve the structure of the throat, so it cannot directly affect the sound and complaints of coughing.

However, what often causes these complaints is the result of intubation (inserting a breathing aid) to assist the breathing process during surgery (anesthetized patient), which is carried out by anesthetist. In the process, this action can irritate the respiratory mucosa, which causes pain in the throat, hoarseness, or diminished voice, excessive mucus production, and coughing, due to airway inflammation. However, you don't need to worry because this is an inevitable operating effect, and normally this will improve on its own for several days in the postoperative recovery period. If within 1 week the condition does not improve, or even gets worse, consult a general practitioner or ENT specialist, there may be other conditions that cause your complaints, such as tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchial asthma, nerve trauma, tumor metastasis, and others.

The things you can do right now are:

Reducing the consumption of foods that are irritating to the throat, such as oily foods, or snacks that have lots of flakes. Avoid drinks that are too hot, because it can worsen inflammation in the throat. Because it cannot be ascertained the cause of your condition, it is safer for warm drinks (not hot, not cold) Resting the vocal cords, avoid screaming or talking aloud for a while Ensuring that your nutritional and fluid needs are properly met Adequate rest (6- 8 hours a day) So, hopefully you can help.

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