The Stain Came Back After Eye Surgery?

Illustration of The Stain Came Back After Eye Surgery?
Illustration: The Stain Came Back After Eye Surgery?

In the afternoon I want to ask before, I was hit by a stye, there were already 6/7 months on the left eyelid but it appeared healed and appeared healed until 2 months ago the doctor suggested an incision because it had hardened. After the incision, the doctor said it was not too clean because it had hardened and I was afraid that if I forced it too much, my left eyelid would droop (faint). 2 months after that I was back in control but with a different doctor the doctor said that this one had to be re-incised because it was still inside the eyelid and had to be cleaned and could not fully heal even with medication. My question is do I have to do a re-incision? Is there no other way than an incision? And if it is re-incised, will my eyelids droop or droop because I was forced to do a curette as the first doctor said? My eyes are actually fine but I feel my left eyelid is a little faint and one-sided smaller than my right eye. Please answer and thank you in advance.

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Hi Ayundasyahbani,

Thank you for asking

Hordeolum (stye) occurs when there is inflammation in the glands of the eyelids, namely Meibom's glands, Zeis's glands, or Moll's glands. This inflammation generally occurs due to Staphylococcus bacteria. Some people are more at risk of developing recurrent hordeolum due to abnormalities in the glands in the eyelids themselves, which are generally congenital. In conditions like this, surgery is one of the recommended treatments. Although, surgery is not 100% guaranteed that the hordeolum will not recur in the future.

The remaining hardened inflammation in the eyelid glands after hordeolum surgery is generally not dangerous. However, this condition can put you at risk for recurrent hordeolum after surgery. In cases like this, the treatment given can vary depending on the intensity of the inflammation, personal hygiene, endurance, and various other factors. Therefore, what is the best treatment, of course only the ophthalmologist who examines you in person will know the most.

Hordeolum surgery is generally a safe procedure and rarely causes serious complications. However, it is an invasive cleansing procedure that risks causing damage to the muscles and nerves around the eyelids which can make it difficult for your eyes to open (appear dull). These possible complications can generally be prevented by the competence of the doctor who operated on you.

Our advice, you consult directly with the ophthalmologist who treats you. If the difference in opinion of the two doctors makes you confused, you can seek a second opinion by going back to another eye specialist.

In the meantime, you should not touch your eye area too often, especially with your hands or other tools of questionable hygiene. Take a shower and wash your face regularly using a cleansing soap that suits your skin type. Limit the use of excessive make up around the eyes. If the eyes feel swollen and painful, compress with warm water and consult a doctor immediately.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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