The Stitches Of The Appendix As A Hole In The Appendix As If It Were Punctured And Pus Came Out?

Illustration of The Stitches Of The Appendix As A Hole In The Appendix As If It Were Punctured And Pus Came Out?
Illustration: The Stitches Of The Appendix As A Hole In The Appendix As If It Were Punctured And Pus Came Out?

Tonight … I want to ask my 9-year-old son after his appendectomy a week ago. a week later, contol, but when I saw the stitches in my stomach, my child did not tighten, it seemed to have a little hole … I asked the doctor. Having trouble with his abdomen? And until now sometimes it still seeps like pus that comes out so I have to change the bandage always. Is this normal, and how long does it take to cure the dryer? ..and eat anything that is challenged … please help for the answer thank you very much ..

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Hello Fitri Well,

Appendicitis (appendicitis) is inflammation that occurs in a part of the intestine called appendicitis. In some cases inflammation can cause perforation (holes) in the intestine so that intestinal and pus stools can come out into the abdominal cavity and cause severe infections. Inflammatory bowel disease can cause symptoms of pain in the lower right abdomen, fever, nausea, vomiting.

Management of appendicitis is through appendectomy surgery, which is cutting and removing appendicitis. Postoperatively, the patient will generally be treated for several days in the hospital before being finally discharged. After returning home, the patient must maintain the cleanliness of the surgical wound and take medicine that has been prescribed by the doctor (antibiotics and pain relief) Patients are also advised to eat nutritious foods with high protein to help the wound healing process. Patients should avoid strenuous activities and straining for the first few days. The patient must exercise control to evaluate the postoperative wound.

The appearance of pus from surgical wounds is quite often found especially in the case of appendicitis which has undergone perforation / rupture. Stitches on the skin can be opened or deliberately given space so that pus can come out. Generally, stitches in the intestine have been repaired faster, but stitches on the skin especially if there is an infection / pus heals longer. In these wounds the primary wound healing process does not occur as usual. In general, post-operative wounds do not require re-suturing, but still do wound care with physiological saline solution, clean the pus or dirt on the wound, and replace the gauze / bandage regularly to absorb pus that comes out. It is hoped that secondary wound healing will occur with the growth of granulation tissue and skin that will slowly fuse (it can take several weeks or months). In these wounds will generally form a visible scar tissue.

There is no food that needs to be challenged after appendectomy. Types of good liquid, soft, solid diet are usually regulated while in the hospital. But when at home free diet, you should drink enough water, high protein foods, foods with vitamins C and E that are good enough for wound healing. Water must be consumed in sufficient quantities to prevent constipation / constipation which can cause the patient to have to strain hard during bowel movements. If there is a high fever, severe abdominal pain, a lot of blood out of the surgical wound, can not defecate at all after appendicitis, you should immediately do an examination with a doctor. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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