The Stomach Feels Bloated And Cannot Defecate After DB?

Illustration of The Stomach Feels Bloated And Cannot Defecate After DB?
Illustration: The Stomach Feels Bloated And Cannot Defecate After DB?

My Kmrn post-DB was just 1 day ago … right now my stomach still feels like it, my stomach feels bloated all the time, I can’t chapter and my food still feels bitter … is that still normal?

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Dengue fever is a disease caused by a viral infection carried by the Aedes aigepty mosquito. Dengue hemorrhagic fever causes fever accompanied by bleeding symptoms due to decreased blood platelet count.
Diagnosis of dengue fever is established starting from the symptoms of fever that can last within a range of 2-7 days, sudden high temperatures, followed by other symptoms such as headache, back pain, joint pain, nausea and vomiting then there is a critical phase where the fever has dropped but the number of platelets also will decrease followed by other signs of bleeding such as reddish rash / petechia from the tourniqet test, bleeding gums, nosebleeds or bleeding chapter.
In addition, data from blood tests are also needed, namely an increase in hematocrit of more than 20% of the normal range accompanied by a decrease in platelets below 150,000.
Regarding your question, the condition you are experiencing is a normal complaint, especially for patients who are recovering from the infection. The recovery process after being infected with dengue fever varies in time for each patient.
Cure criteria for dengue infection is known from the fever phase which decreases and does not reappear within a minimum of 2x24 hours after passing the critical phase, an increase in platelets is approaching the normal rate accompanied by clinical conditions that gradually improve. An increase in appetite in DHF patients indicates an improvement in the condition and immune system of the patient's body.
Ideally, a periodic blood platelet level check is performed on DHF patients. If platelet levels increase to reach their normal limits followed by improvement in symptoms, generally the condition is not cause for concern. As the healing process and immune system increase accompanied by the support of fluid and balanced nutrition, platelets will gradually increase and residual symptoms will disappear.
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