The Stye Won’t Heal?

Illustration of The Stye Won’t Heal?
Illustration: The Stye Won’t Heal?

, my eyes are like a stye for a long time, haven’t healed for more than 4 months. First I got it, both of my eyelids suddenly swelled after waking up, about 1 week they just deflated, I gave them the drops, but they left like there was stuff inside my eyelids. Soon my eye was hit by a stye on the right side too, I gave eye ointment with the same brand as the drops and I compressed it, and until now it doesn’t heal.

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Previously, have you ever seen a doctor and were diagnosed with a stye? So, is there any special treatment that the doctor recommends doing?

A stye (hordeolum) occurs when a gland in your eyelid becomes inflamed. The trigger can be due to interference with the function of the gland itself (which is generally congenital), infection, irritation, poor eye hygiene, or also a history of other diseases (for example rosacea). In most cases, the stye is not a dangerous condition and can break or collapse on its own within 1 to 2 weeks. However, in some conditions, there are also stye that keeps recurring or does not heal for a long time so that it requires special medical measures, such as administering medication or surgery.

However, if you have never seen a doctor directly, it is also possible that the swelling of your eyelids actually occurs due to other causes. Some other conditions that can also cause swelling and lumps on the eyelids that don't heal are kalazion (Meibom's gland cyst), blepharitis (eyelid infection), benign or malignant tumors, and so on.

A direct doctor's examination is generally able to differentiate the stye from the other possible conditions listed above. Therefore, if your complaint is very disturbing, you should check yourself directly with an eye specialist.

At this time, you should not first use any kind of therapy, either in the form of ointments or eye drops, before seeing a doctor. Also avoid too often touching your eyes with dirty hands. If the swelling and lumps are painful, you can compress them with warm water. Do not forget, in order to minimize the risk of irritation to the eyelids, you should avoid using excessive cosmetics around the eyes, be diligent in washing your face after every use of cosmetics or after traveling to a dirty environment, avoid contact between the eyes and harmful chemicals.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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