The Success Rate Of IVF?

Illustration of The Success Rate Of IVF?
Illustration: The Success Rate Of IVF?

I am 46 years old. Amh condition is only 0.01. Can I join the IVF program? thank you

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Hello, thanks for the question.

IVF is one method that is currently widely used for couples who have difficulty having children. IVF is a method of artificial fertilization by combining eggs and sperm outside the uterus which are then put into the uterus again. Before doing this program, the doctor will usually suggest an Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH), which is a hormone released by mature follicular cells (egg sacs). These AMH levels can determine the number of ovarian reserves that play an important role in female reproduction. So that the higher a person's AMH value, the more egg reserves, and the higher the chance of pregnancy, as well as the lower AMH value, the chance of pregnancy will also be lower with or without IVF. This normal AMH value is 4-6.8 ng / mL, whereas it is very low if the AMH value <0.3 ng / mL. We recommend that you consult the results of this AMH examination with your obstetrician for further discussion about the IVF program you will be undertaking. Your doctor may suggest a number of treatments that are tailored to your current condition, thereby increasing the chance of pregnancy. We recommend that you continue to do a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious foods, meet fluid needs, reduce consumption of caffeine, alcohol, avoid drugs without a prescription, regular exercise, maintain ideal body weight, and adequate rest.

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