The Surgical Scars On The Fingers Become Blackish?

Illustration of The Surgical Scars On The Fingers Become Blackish?
Illustration: The Surgical Scars On The Fingers Become Blackish?

Hello, I want to ask. A week or so ago (less than 2 weeks) my brother got his fingers hooked on the train chain because when he wanted to put oil on the chain, the fabric he was holding was pulled by the chain so the thumb of his left hand was interested too. At that time immediately taken to the hospital emergency room and X-rayed. The result is that the tip of the finger bone is cracked but the crack is not until one segment of the finger tip is only about half a cm cracked and the wound is severe. There, the first treatment was carried out by the ER nurse by cleaning the wound with fluid and bandaged and told to wait for the Orthopedic Doctor, he said. Bleeding continues. From the half hour 5 incident until almost 7 the doctor arrived. The doctor at the hospital suggested surgery to clean the broken bone fragments at the tip of the finger and since the large blood vessels were injured so the bleeding did not stop. We agreed to the operation for the family but we were afraid that his finger would be amputated so we confirmed that the operation was just to clean up bone fragments and sew the wound back in place until the bleeding stopped. The doctor at the hospital explained that it was amputated or not depending on the condition of the finger. If the tissue is dead then inevitably have to be amputated one segment of the tip of the thumb but if the tissue is still alive then it is cleaned so that it is not infected and sewn back up to be neat because the nails that live half should be removed, he said. Because of the uncertainty when the operation was unclear, we even had time to ask for a referral. Finally the doctor said the operation was around 8 that night too. We waited until 8 o’clock when the doctor was notified if the surgery was delayed so tomorrow morning. Until waiting tomorrow morning, the bandages will be replaced and thicker. Actually, we are afraid that if we leave it for too long the network will die. Tomorrow morning it was reported again that the certainty for the operation was scheduled for 8 pm. Because doctor Sp. Orthopedics who will handle it usually have an empty schedule at 8 o’clock in the evening and it turns out that the doctor who handled his first night yesterday was his assistant doctor. In the morning I saw the blood come out again to the sheets. My brother said he said the wound was a bit itchy. There I thought that itching meant the tissue didn’t die. Starting at 2 pm he was fasting and at mid-8 he was taken to the operating room. First enter the operating room the doctor explains at length the risk of what happens if this happens like this. We still ask that his hands not be amputated and the doctor’s answer the same as before his condition hung. finally we waited outside. 12 midnight at night the operation is finally over. We were called in. Finally his hand was not amputated. Hr Thursday evening it happened, Sunday we were allowed to go home. Oh yes, the anesthetics are used locally. Sunday returned home, the day after Tuesday we were told to replace the bandages. I accompanied my brother and when I opened it I saw neat seams and stitches (only in the sewing area such as the thread) that was brown in color. Then the Friday was told to go again but on Friday the day was changed so that the bandages changed and the bandages also returned home so instead in the hospital that was accommodated (because they were told to go to the same hospital during the operation and change the same bandages but replace the first bandages and nurses. not the doctor so we thought we could get it in another hospital to change bandages). And when the Saturday (last night) went to the hospital to change bandages (not only I was accompanied but our mother), my brother told me the nurse said the operation failed because the network was blackened. Our whole family got scared. What I want to ask first is whether it is true that the blackened stitches are like a sign that the tissue is dead and must be amputated? Second, is there any influence of the danger of operating for more than 24 hours so there is a risk of failure of surgery such as amputation? third what is the sign if the network dies? and the latest is how to do the correct bandage? Thank you before. Please enlighten me.

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Hello, thank you for asking at
OK, I'm going to Java one by one.
1. The body's tissue will die if it is cut off or obstructed by the total supply of blood by blood vessels. Blood contains oxygen and nutrients that cells need to live. If cells do not get oxygen and nutrients it will cause death. Cells that form tissue on the fingers are bleeding from blood vessels from both sides, namely the left and right sides of the finger. So, if a cut on the finger occurs on one side, the condition will be fine and healing can occur immediately. However, if a tear occurs on the left and right sides of the finger, there is a high likelihood of tissue death at the end of the tear. If the wound is torn on the main vein of the finger, it can also cause the death of the tissue it is bleeding on. As for the characteristics of dead tissue is that the color turns black and when tested the feeling of touch is negative or cannot be touched. If the tissue forming the tissue is dead, amputation is necessary to prevent infection. Dead tissue is a good medium for germ growth. Germs that grow can spread to healthy parts of the body.
2. Late treatment of torn wounds will make it more difficult for cell repair to occur than if done immediately, especially torn wounds in the main directional vessels that supply blood to certain parts of the body.
3. It has been answered in point number 1 yes.
4. Verban is done with the aim to stop the bleeding temporarily (before an action is taken), bandaged repeatedly so that it can compress the torn blood vessels so the bleeding can stop. Verban with this purpose is only a temporary treatment, usually done for the process of referring patients to health facilities that can provide further treatment, such as surgery. On a bandage that is done to prevent infection (a bandage after surgery), the gauze is wrapped loosely, but can still close the entry of germs. Before diverban do not forget the wound is cleaned first with sterile liquid, then spread with antibiotic ointment.
Thus hopefully useful.

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