The Suture Is Too Tight?

Illustration of The Suture Is Too Tight?
Illustration: The Suture Is Too Tight?

I’m a man in my 40s. Something bothered me, because about a year ago I was doing adult kithan. I feel the length of my penis erection is not optimal compared to before kithan. If the pain due to erection after circumcision is no longer. I am 175cm tall / weigh 91kg. My question is whether the length of my penis can slowly return to its pre-circumcision length. Oh yes, as an additional information, I feel short in cutting the foreskin, because the distance between the skin in the foreskin that has been sewn and the edge of the hair grows immediately. There must be an area of ​​the outer skin of the shaft of the penis that is smooth and usually shows the veins during maximal erection. Are there any solutions and methods that can lengthen my penis back. Another thing that annoys me is, the back of my head glands when I squat up and on the other hand, it feels like rolling so it disturbs my daily comfort. Please enlighten me. Thank you

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From the information you have conveyed, there are complaints of changes in erection length before and after circumcision and it has been going on for about 1 year ago, so it is necessary for you to do a direct examination to a surgeon or a urological surgeon.

There are complaints of traction after circumcision, possibly causing changes in erection angle or complaints of pain during erection. When there is an unnatural pull on the result of the circumcision, the pain can persist when it is erect, because when it is erect it forces the skin with excess pull. And to find out the difference between erections before and after circumcision, you can measure the length of the penis in detail, thereby ensuring the difference in length. And if the length of your erect penis ranges from 12-19 cm, it shows your erection length is normal.

Therefore, this condition needs to be confirmed directly by a doctor by seeing and evaluating it directly. By looking, the existence of an unreasonable pull and an unnatural deviation can be identified. Furthermore, the management of the abnormal condition can be planned, and if there is an irregularity in the pull during erection, circumcision repair can be done.

This is the information we can provide. also read repair.


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