The Suture Scar Feels Sore?

Illustration of The Suture Scar Feels Sore?
Illustration: The Suture Scar Feels Sore?

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The condition of injuries due to accidents or medical actions that occur requires time for wound recovery. The size, location, and depth of the wound can affect the symptoms that arise, the recovery time, as well as the difficulty or ease of action taken to repair the wound that arises.

At the time of recovery of the wound, both surgical wounds, injury wounds, or wounds caused by infection, the process of wound healing consists of the inflammatory phase, fibroblastic phase, and wound maturation phase. At the beginning of wound recovery, the wound will appear swollen, reddish and can cause pain. However, over time, inflammation of the wound will begin to decrease and scar tissue will begin to grow which will continue to grow until the wound closes completely.

In the condition of the wound there is a scab, is a layer of skin that can be colored black, with a dry consistency and can be removed. At the time of peeling can also occur a little bleeding, it can also cause pain and itching. This is still included in the process of wound healing that can occur. Need to be vigilant when the wound begins to open, swollen again, appear reddish, causing pain, fever, and discharge such as blood / pus, if this happens it is advisable to see a doctor for further management.

Avoid scraping the wound yourself, use the Mebo ointment regimen according to doctor's instructions, use the ointment until the wound closes completely, avoid taking additional medication alone without doctor's instructions. Control wound care according to schedule until the stitches are removed, and afterwards keep the wound clean and dry until the wound closes completely.

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