The Suture Wound On The Knee Is Almost Healed But Still Can’t Swing The Leg Back?

Illustration of The Suture Wound On The Knee Is Almost Healed But Still Can’t Swing The Leg Back?
Illustration: The Suture Wound On The Knee Is Almost Healed But Still Can’t Swing The Leg Back?

I had an accident for three weeks and my knee was stitched, and the stitches were lifted and the wound was almost healed, but why is it that when I want to swing my legs backwards I can’t?

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There is a history of accidents that you experience, so you need to get treatment and stitches show injury and impact on your knee area. If this event happened 3 weeks ago and now your stitches and wounds are improving but there is still a malfunction of your knee joint or the angle of motion of your knee has not healed, this needs further evaluation and examination.
When after an accident or trauma 3 weeks ago, in addition to wound care performed by doctors at the hospital, an evaluation of organ system areas at risk of trauma was also carried out, such as the evaluation of the knee joints, lower limbs, spine, abdomen, chest and head area . Evalausi is to ensure that there is no greater risk that might occur to vital organs and also impaired function of related organs. So if necessary, further tests can be done, such as radiological examinations or scans depending on the results of the evaluation of the doctor who treats you. Thus, the doctor can consider the possibility of the recovery process that you will go through, and the steps to be taken if further medical problems are found during the recovery period. And if the doctor who treats you has ensured that there are no other serious risks to your knee or the risk of other vital organs, apart from accidental injuries and sewing injuries, then in general the recovery process that you are undergoing has gone well. And the disruption of leg or knee backward movement that you feel may be related to the process of recovery of your muscles and joints. This can be caused by the recovery process of inflammation of the muscles after a previous trauma as well as the tension of your muscles after the trauma which causes disruption of backward leg movements. So by doing stretches, light massage or warm compresses on the muscle area around the calf, knee and thigh, can help restore this complaint.
The presence of other medical conditions can also trigger the same complaints as you feel, such as:
1. the dislocation of the knee joint
2. the presence of fractures of bone fragments that affect joint movement
3. tendon tears or muscle tendon abnormalities
To ensure all this, you should consult with the doctor who treated you before or consult directly with your bone surgeon. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations, and supporting examinations if needed. The results of the examination will be a reference for your doctor for further treatment and treatment. If necessary, the doctor will plan rehabilitation rehabilitation to help restore the functioning of the collapsed system after trauma.
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