The Symptoms Of Baby Blues Syndrome?

Illustration of The Symptoms Of Baby Blues Syndrome?
Illustration: The Symptoms Of Baby Blues Syndrome?

good night, I just gave birth to my first child but after giving birth I felt excessive anxiety, difficulty sleeping and emotional instability. Is that reasonable after giving birth? or do I have to see a gynecologist / psychologist?

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complaints that you experience can be called baby blues, but it is not possible it could also be a post partum depression. Postpartum depression and baby blues are indeed symptoms of sadness and anxiety when we are born. However, when viewed from the length of time, it turns out both have differences. Baby blues occur in a shorter time. Baby blues generally last for 2 weeks. While postpartum depression can occur for weeks to months and if not handled properly and can cause disturbances in social life and mother's daily activities.

For baby blues, the symptoms appear lighter. Those who experience baby blues will generally have an unstable mood, difficulty sleeping, cry easily and are easily anxious. The term baby blues is a condition that is often used to describe the worries, unhappiness, and fatigue that often occurs in women after giving birth to a baby, especially if the mother gives birth to her first child. This is a very common case.

If the symptoms of the blues syndrome do not improve after two weeks, you should be vigilant. There is a possibility that the mother will experience postpartum depression or postpartum depression. Postpartum depression causes quite severe worries, which can make a mother feel hopeless, sad, worthless, even do not feel any bond (bonding) with the baby.

if this happens you should immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, because if not treated immediately, postpartum depression can cause the mother and child bonding is not well established. It can even increase the risk of major depression in the future.

There are a number of things you can do to temporarily reduce your symptoms:

 Eat healthy and nutritious foods. Mothers who experience anxiety will generally experience a decrease in appetite. In fact, the adequacy of nutrition and fluids is very important for the recovery of the mother and breastfeeding for the baby. Every time a guilty feeling arises, instill in yourself that this is not your fault. Support of family and friends is certainly very necessary for self-recovery. You can also try to follow therapy and counseling, both individually and in groups. Enough rest. Rest is necessary for the recovery of your body. You can try doing relaxation, meditation, and bathing with warm water to calm your mind before you sleep. Inhale and count to five then exhale to the same count. Do things that can distract you like watching television, talking to friends or relatives, or going for a walk. Pour your complaints by writing a diary or talking with close relatives. Ask your husband for help. or support if you experience this. Thus the info I can give

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