The Testicles Enlarge And Get Harder?

Illustration of The Testicles Enlarge And Get Harder?
Illustration: The Testicles Enlarge And Get Harder?

I have consulted to Dr. Urology and udh on ultrasound. On Monday I will only be able to meet Dr. Here I want to ask. Inflammation in the right testicles may be large and hard, is it because I am too active and like to lie on my stomach when playing games?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The presence of certain lumps in the testicles, can occur due to several possibilities, such as orchitis or inflammation of the testicles (testicles), hydrocele or the presence of fluid in the testicular sac, varicocele or vascular disorders in the testicular sac, and tumors or cancer.

If you have undergone an examination with a urologist, then it is likely that the condition you are experiencing is indeed orchitis. Orchitis can occur due to viral, bacterial infection, or for no apparent reason. Factors that increase the risk of this condition include being over 45 years old, suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections, not having been given a mumps vaccine / MMR, having used a catheter or urinary hose for a long time, having abnormal urinary tract structures, having undergone surgery on the urinary tract , multiple partners, have or are currently suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, and have sexual relations with sufferers of sexually transmitted diseases.

So from the explanation above, the condition is too active and often prone during play is not related to the condition of orchitis or inflammation of the testicles. So our advice now is you don't need to worry too much and just wait for your meeting with the urologist tomorrow, because at this stage, your treatment will depend on the results of the examination. In addition, don't wear tight pants or underpants, especially since you are quite an active person. This is because it is feared that the temperature of the testes will increase and can affect fertility in the long run. So, hopefully answering your question.

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