The Tests Needed To Make A Diagnosis Of Kidney Disease?

Illustration of The Tests Needed To Make A Diagnosis Of Kidney Disease?
Illustration: The Tests Needed To Make A Diagnosis Of Kidney Disease?

Good afternoon, thanks before. I want to ask, it’s been 6 months now, I want something to happen. After 6 months I urinated frequently, sometimes had lumbago, also I often felt weak and tired, I was often sleepy and got sick easily, also my mouth often tasted bitter. You need to know that I am male, my age is 28 years, and I do not have hypertension and diabetes. I have checked up 2 times to a general practitioner in my area, my IDX is px sick. Because I was not satisfied, I checked the blood at the lab. The results are normal for both the liver, uric acid, etc. in addition to the creatinine which is rather high. My creatinine value is 1.48 and the lab limit is 0.8-1.3. My urea is 40 from the 13-43 limit and my urea is 18.6 off the u0026lt; 30mg / dl limit. The doctor’s ID is normal. I’m a little confused. i think dn sure there is serious health problem in my body. Is it possible that the lab check st is lacking? Cz my friend, for simple kidney tests, there are 3 years of examination; complete urine check, check creatinine and urea and lfg / gfr. I just checked the blood. Do I have to check the 3 trsbut cz in my area, there is no trsbut check? If I check with a specialist in internal disease, can I check with a doctor who specializes in general internal disease or directly with subspecialists for kidney disease? Cz my disease diagnosis is not clear. But from the symptoms I’m sure it’s kidney disease, I’m afraid that my disease is chronic kidney failure. So before it’s late I have to know my illness. Thank you very much for the doctor’s advice to be given.

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Hi, thanks for asking at I can feel your concern.

Chronic kidney failure is kidney disease caused by the inability of the kidneys to function properly. The disease has lasted more than 3 months, is characterized by anemia (deficiency of red blood cells) and reduced kidney size. Can be caused by hypertension, diabetes, dehydration and urinary tract stones. There are 5 stages, based on the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Treatment is adjusted to the satdium of the disease.

The diagnosis is confirmed by an interview by a doctor regarding medical, medical and family history. Then the doctor will perform a physical examination of the waist. If necessary, the doctor will carry out related supporting examinations, including:

1. Routine blood, found hemoglobin value below normal which indicates anemia.

2. Blood chemistry, found an increase in urea and creatinine (which will later be used to calculate GFR).

3. Complete urine, usually found in volume and dark color. Can also look for the cause of kidney failure, if there are signs of stones or urinary tract infection. Urinary creatinine values ​​are also required to calculate GFR.

4. X-ray of the lower abdomen, looking for the cause of urinary tract stones.

5. Ultrasound, can find the size of the kidneys reduced, and is also used to find the cause of urinary tract stones.

The doctor needs to match the laboratory findings to the patient's clinical condition. There may be a slight increase in blood creatinine, due to laboratory errors. Or it could be that there is only a slight improvement which is not clinically significant.

You can consult a doctor of internal medicine subspecialty in kidney hypertension to answer your concerns. If the doctor does not find a urinary tract problem, perhaps an internal medicine doctor will ask you to consult a neurologist, because it could be that the back pain you feel is related to spinal cord damage in the lumbar area. Or an internal medicine doctor may ask you to consult a psychiatrist, because the complaints you feel may be related to the stress you are experiencing, which is also called psychosomatic.

Meanwhile, you can improve drinking patterns, namely drinking at least 2 liters a day.

So, hopefully it's useful.

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