The Thigh Often Feels Warm Inside?

Illustration of The Thigh Often Feels Warm Inside?
Illustration: The Thigh Often Feels Warm Inside?

my husband lately often the left thigh feels warm but it feels like the inside of the pain is too .. already alternating blik k the doctor why the muscles must be getting drink from the doctor it says it has less but the feeling of warmth that is still more like it … so the blood test is normal so all of it why? Thank you

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Hello Maria,

Thank you for the question.

A thigh that feels warm and painful in men can indicate a variety of medical conditions, for example:

 Musculoskeletal disorders, such as due to fibromyalgia, malnutrition, post-injury Joint disorders, such as due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis Other neurological disorders, such as nerve nerves, post-herpetic neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy Disorders of blood vessels, such as due to peripheral arterial disease, osteoarthritis somatoform disorders, metabolic disorders, varicoceles, testicular torsions, lymphadenitis, hernias, infections, excessive anxiety disorders, etc. Not all of the above conditions can be detected through regular blood tests. Therefore, even though the blood has been tested and the results are normal, if your husband's complaint feels very disturbing, you should accompany him to re-examine his complaint to the doctor or neurologist. CT scan, ultrasound, repeat blood tests, and other supporting tests.

For now, your husband can relieve the pain and warmness that he feels by compressing his thigh with warm water. Avoid haphazard thighs that experience these complaints. Expand to exercise so that your body weight remains ideal. Do not forget, stop smoking, eat a variety of healthy foods and rich in vitamin B complex, do not always do strenuous physical activity, avoid using tight pants, and also avoid carelessly taking medicine without doctor's advice.

Hope this helps ...

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