The Things That Can Cause The Emergence Of Dengue Mosquitoes?

Illustration of The Things That Can Cause The Emergence Of Dengue Mosquitoes?
Illustration: The Things That Can Cause The Emergence Of Dengue Mosquitoes?

morning. What things can invite the presence of mosquitoes u003cem u003eAedes aegypti u003c / em u003e?

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Aedes aegypti mosquito is the most common cause of Dengue fever, or more commonly known to ordinary people as dengue fever. This disease can also arise due to the entry of Dengue virus through the bite of other Aedes mosquitoes (for example Aedes albopticus).

In fact, not all Aedes aegypti mosquitoes contain the Dengue virus. However, by minimizing the breeding of mosquitoes, we can also indirectly reduce the incidence of dengue fever due to dengue virus. Not only Dengue fever, Aedes aegypti mosquitoes also play a role in spreading other viruses, such as chikungunya, zika virus, or also yellow fever.

In brief, here we describe the life cycle of the Aedes aegypti mosquito:

Female mosquitoes lay eggs and then lay their eggs in a container filled with clear water (can be clean or dirty), then hatch into larvae
The larvae next metamorphose into pupae
This pupa will slowly develop into an adult mosquito that comes to the surface of the water and then free to fly

If you view the life cycle above, many things can invite the presence of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, including clear puddles, including for example in water reservoirs, used cans that are exposed to rain water, and so on. In addition, adult mosquitoes often alight and gather in dirty and rarely cleaned areas. Clothes hangers, piles of other things that are dark in color, and so on are also fraught with this mosquito.

Therefore, it is important for us, especially those living in the tropics during the rainy season, to carry out a program to eradicate mosquito nests, namely with 3M plus efforts, namely:

Drain the water reservoirs regularly
Close the water reservoirs so that they are not used as mosquito nets
Burying used cans or other objects that are vulnerable to be used as mosquito nets
Others, such as:
Recycle used items that have the potential to become mosquito breeding grounds
Sprinkle larvicide powder in a water reservoir that is difficult to clean
Using mosquito repellent (repellent)
Use mosquito nets while sleeping
Maintaining mosquito larva predators
Plant mosquito repellent plants (eg orchids, oranges)
Regulate light and ventilation in the house
Avoid the habit of hanging clothes or piling up objects in the house that can be a place to rest mosquitoes

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