The Throat Feels Dry And The Stomach Hurts, Is It Corona?

Illustration of The Throat Feels Dry And The Stomach Hurts, Is It Corona?
Illustration: The Throat Feels Dry And The Stomach Hurts, Is It Corona?

I don’t have a fever, I don’t cough. Only the throat feels dry, the stomach also feels sick … Corona is not a sign

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Hello Edi Sus,

Right now there is indeed a Covid-19 (Corona virus disease) pandemic caused by infection with a new type of corona virus called Sars-CoV-2. Because this virus is relatively new, from existing research, transmission (transmission) of the virus is through:

 Droplet (coughing, sneezing) of the patient who then contacts the respiratory mucous membranes (nose, mouth) or eyes. Contact with items contaminated with droplets containing the virus, then touch and then you touch the mucous membrane. This virus is thought to have an incubation period of approximately 14 days. So when infected with a virus, patients may only show symptoms 14 days later. But there is still the possibility of a faster or longer incubation period.

Covid-19 is a lower respiratory tract infection and patients with weak immune systems can experience severe pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs) to systemic infections (whole body) that cause organ failure. The symptoms of Covid-19 found in patients who are positive Covid-19 are (percentages based on WHO analysis of 55 thousand patients in China that have been confirmed positive):

 Fever (body temperature> 38 degrees Celsius measured with a thermometer) (88% of patients) Dry cough (68%) Fatigue / tiredness (38%) Spitting phlegm (33%) Shortness of breath (19%) Bone and joint pain (15%) %) Throat pain (14%) Headache (14%) Shivering (11%) Nausea or vomiting (5%) Nasal congestion (5%) Diarrhea (4%) Blood cough (1%) Swollen eyes (1%) If You have a history in the last 14 days:

 Traveling abroad reporting local transmission (such as China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, etc.) Traveling to or living in an area in Indonesia with local transmission Contact with positive patients Covid-19 or probable Covid-19 If there are histories above, even if you are healthy, you can call the 119 extension 9 hotline in Jakarta or other hotlines that have been provided by the health department / local government where you live to get guidance on the flow of checks that you must do.

To diagnose Covid-19 is not enough just from clinical symptoms and physical examination, it is needed a series of investigations such as chest x-rays, examination of samples from the throat or other airways, blood tests, and so on.

Like most viral diseases, Covid-19 is a self limiting disease, which means that this disease can heal on its own because of our body's immunity. Patients who prove positive need isolation so as not to spread it to others. Hospital treatment aims for this and also provides supportive care for patients with Covid-19 with severe symptoms (eg installing a ventilator to help patients who fail to breath).

If you do not have a history of traveling to an area that is declared a Covid-19 outbreak or there is no contact with a positive patient of Covid-19, but you experience symptoms of a fever - sore throat, it can also be caused by other respiratory infections such as common cold, flu, rhinitis pharyngitis and so on. There are several things you can do now:

 It's best to stay home if you are sick and don't infect others. Wear a mask if you cough or practice the correct ethics of coughing with a cough using a tissue then throw it away and wash your hands with running water + soap. If there is no mask / tissue, cough towards the inside of your arm (elbow fold). Diligent hand washing with running water and soap Change clothes and wash clothes that have been used Clean the home environment regularly Eat nutritious food, take vitamins Drink enough water Take a break for 7-9 hours a day Consumption of cough and cold relievers and fever-lowering drugs if necessary you can also check your risk of Covid-19 here. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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