The Throat Feels Full Accompanied By Nausea After Eating In Patients With Ulcers Who Have Routinely Consumed Ginger?

I want to ask the doctor, my husband has a history of heart disease, he always gave me temulawak stew every morning, but why is it every time after eating or drinking it feels like my throat is full and I want to throw up …

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Hello Riska, thank you for the question.

Stomach disease (gastritis in the Dutch language means stomach) can be caused by several things. Things that can cause irritation to the stomach, including infection with the bacterium Helycobacter pylori, eating habits and types of food consumed, psychological stress, hormonal disorders, the effects of certain drugs, comorbidities, decreased immunity due to improper resting patterns and lack of exercise. Gastric irritation can also be caused by smoking, caffeine, and alcohol.

Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fullness in the stomach, bloating, no appetite, not being able to eat a lot, heartburn, often belching, sometimes accompanied by diarrhea and sore throat. Temulawak is believed to be a herbal medicine that has many benefits. But its effectiveness must still be confirmed through scientific research. Likewise, the dosage and side effects, must be studied further. You should be careful in using ginger, because there is no definite dose. What substances are useful, clinical trials still need to be done. We recommend that if symptoms do arise after consumption of ginger, then you can reduce its use. Do not consume for a long time because you do not know what side effects may appear.

If you really want to overcome the disease completely, consult a doctor. The doctor will look for the cause whether it is purely from gastric irritation or if there are other more serious causes. Treatment depends on the doctor's findings. In the meantime, try to reduce the administration of ginger to your husband and observe whether there is any improvement or deterioration. Change your diet, type of food, and lifestyle. Thus our answer, hopefully helps. Regards.

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