The Throat Feels Pain Radiating To The Chest?

Illustration of The Throat Feels Pain Radiating To The Chest?
Illustration: The Throat Feels Pain Radiating To The Chest?

mlm I’m vio ananda age 27 years old I have stomach acid pain, after checking with the doctor, how come the disease moved to the throat like that when you like to be sick like a lump, but if you hold the neck you don’t feel pain, so if you get sick from the throat it goes straight down to the chest hurts, think “what disease please replay please

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Hi Vi Oh,

Acid reflux disease is a condition in which there is a backflow of gastric fluid into the esophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach), where this condition is caused by weakness of the muscle loop in the lower part of the esophagus. Due to the weakness of this muscle loop, some of the contents of the gastric juices that should remain in the stomach experience a backflow back into the esophagus, causing irritation of the esophagus. This results in certain symptoms, such as a burning sensation in the chest (heartburn), chest pain, sore throat when swallowing, sore throat, and coughing.

If you experience symptoms of a lump in your throat and chest pain or heartburn, then this condition is probably part of the symptoms of acid reflux that you are experiencing.

Gastric acid disease can be treated by administering antacid drugs, proton pump inhibitors, H2 receptor blockers or prokinetic agents. Apart from that, a good diet and healthy lifestyle changes are needed. Here are suggestions that you can do at home to reduce the incidence of complaints:

Eat regularly and don't eat late Adjust the diet in small portions with frequent frequencies (5-6 times a day) Avoid eating spicy, oily, acidic, or gas-causing foods Don't lie down immediately after eating Avoid large meals 2 hours before time sleep Avoid consumption of caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes Sleep on a high pillow to prevent backflow of gastric juices when lying down Avoid wearing tight clothes Exercise regularly Minimize stress
However, if the complaint continues, you should see a doctor so that the cause can be ascertained and given the right treatment according to the basic condition.

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