The Throat Feels Swollen And Uncomfortable?

Illustration of The Throat Feels Swollen And Uncomfortable?
Illustration: The Throat Feels Swollen And Uncomfortable?

hello doc .. my throat in the pharynx feels like swelling, once asked the pharmacist he said there was swollen lymph nodes and was given amoxicillin and some grain medicine. recover but only temporarily, it feels swollen again, it becomes uncomfortable. what I feel right now: u003cbr / u003e- not itchy / sore and not sick when swallowing u003cbr / u003e-breath very little trasa tightness u003cbr / u003e- no cough / flu / fever / dizziness u003cbr / u003e – check the cavity in the mirror, my pharynx looks more visible upwards u003cbr / u003what symptoms and what drugs do I need to take?

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First of all, you need to know that pharmacists do not receive medical education to be able to diagnose and treat diseases, therefore pharmacists must not give drugs from a class of hard drugs including antibiotics such as amoxicillin.

Discomfort in the throat can be caused by several possibilities, including:

 inflammation of the throat (pharyngitis or tonsillitis) can be due to viral, bacterial infections, or it can be due to allergic reactions or excessive irritation (from cigarette smoke, air pollution, certain chemicals, etc.) inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (esophagus) for example due to stomach acid disease , food allergies, infections, side effects of drugs, etc. post nasal drip or the presence of mucus that runs behind the throat (most often due to sinusitis) the tumor in the throat area there is a tumor around the neck To find out the exact cause of discomfort in the throat that you feel , must be examined directly on your throat. Perform an examination with an ENT doctor to be sure. Treatment must be adjusted to the exact cause of your symptoms.

Since corona virus is currently a pandemic, it is not recommended that you go to an ENT doctor if you are not in a very urgent situation. You should immediately see a doctor if you experience very severe throat pain accompanied by high fever, unable to eat / drink, difficulty breathing (including during sleep), visible swelling that feels pain in your neck. Some things you can do right now:

 Drink more water Avoid eating foods that can irritate your throat further, for example foods that are too spicy and sour It is also best to avoid eating foods that are too greasy and contain a lot of gas for a while Avoid lying down after eating Eat soft foods first if there are difficulty swallowing

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