The Throat Feels Tight Like There Is Mucus?

Illustration of The Throat Feels Tight Like There Is Mucus?
Illustration: The Throat Feels Tight Like There Is Mucus?

I am short of morning breathing. But the tightness is only in the throat. There’s a phlegm in my throat. Do you think I have tonsillitis or what?

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Hello Choky Sinagala, thank you for asking at

Shortness of breath is a feeling that arises due to difficulty when breathing or due to decreased air intake to the flow of breathing.

The cause of this feeling is very diverse because the respiratory tract is long enough to pass through the air. However, because you feel discomfort or disturbance in your throat area, this can be caused by several conditions such as:

Enlarged tonsils (tonsils) due to inflammation that covers the airway
Inflammation in the throat (pharyngitis)

Diphtheria infection

To ascertain whether there really is interference or not in the organs that are in the area of ​​your throat, it is highly recommended to check yourself further to the doctor for examination with a special tool to see the condition of the throat. After ascertaining what your condition is, then you can determine what causes it and what therapy is most right for you.

In the meantime, there are a number of things you can try to do, such as:

Increasing water consumption
Avoid consumption of fried foods, various types of chips and crackers
Also avoid consuming drinks / foods that contain ice
Eat soft food for a while until complaints disappear / disappear
Do not take any medication (especially antibiotics) without clear doctor's advice

I hope this helps.

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