The Throat Feels Uncomfortable.?

Illustration of The Throat Feels Uncomfortable.?
Illustration: The Throat Feels Uncomfortable.?

In the afternoon I want to ask, it’s been two weeks since my throat feels uncomfortable but it doesn’t hurt to swallow, it doesn’t hurt either, it just feels like something is up in my throat, danger or not, thanks

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Throat feels uncomfortable / lumps need to be explored further, whether this is the first time experiencing these symptoms or have already been before, what is thought to be the cause of the appearance of a sore throat, a history of previous illnesses and a history of allergies. can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Inflammation in the throat that can cause lumps, discomfort, or itching in the throat.
There is a foreign body in the throat due to food eaten such as bone bone.
Gastric acid reflux which irritates the throat area, in addition to a lump it can be accompanied by a burning sensation from the stomach area towards the neck.
A lump in the throat area or structure around the throat, can be a lump in the throat itself, or a lump in the area around the throat that can cause pressure and a lump in the throat. Lumps can be benign or malignant.

To deal with the condition you are experiencing now, you can check with your doctor or ENT specialist about your condition. Anamnesis related to your complaint, physical examination and supporting examination if deemed necessary. Avoid foods that can irritate the throat further such as fried and spicy foods, avoid exposure to dust, smoke or dirt in the respiratory tract by using a mask, avoid using self-medication without instructions and consulting a doctor.

For more information about lumps in the throat can access a similar discussion at this link. For information about sore throats can access the article at this link.

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