The Throat Often Hurts And Has Lots Of Phlegm?

Illustration of The Throat Often Hurts And Has Lots Of Phlegm?
Illustration: The Throat Often Hurts And Has Lots Of Phlegm?

late afternoon doctor … I want to ask my throat often very sick .. pain and a lot of phlegm .. that pain arises often if I try it atow mkn mdsn which contains micin .. the pain was directly affected by me for a long time after I ate jjanan abang2..sprti siomay bkso etc. to reduce the pain, I was forced to take obt dexametasone … please explain, thank you.

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Hello Indri Yani, thank you for your question to

Sore throat can indeed be felt very disturbing due to pain that is felt continuously, especially when we swallow. The pain is one sign of inflammation in the throat.

Sore throat itself is also known as pharyngitis. Besides sore throat, other symptoms that can be felt are:

Coughing fever, both phlegm and dry Flu The throat feels lumpy The throat feels itchy The body feels weak, aches, or pain On examination, you can see the red throat wall, and can also be accompanied by enlarged tonsils and others Pharyngitis can be caused by various things, for example :

Infection, both viral, bacterial, and also other diseases. The most common cause of throat infection is a virus, where if a person's immune system is not good, the body will be more susceptible to this infection. In inflammation caused due to infection, it is usually often accompanied by other symptoms as mentioned above. To overcome the virus infection itself there is no specific treatment, because the infection will disappear by itself if the immune system is good. Antibiotics are only used in strep throat due to bacterial infections. Inflammation due to irritation from food / drink or other compounds. Aside from infection, this inflammation of the throat can also be caused by food ingredients / drinks that are irritative, for example too acidic, spicy, soda, and others. Apart from being swallowed by food / drinks, irritation can also occur due to stomach acid reflux. This condition is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease. Cigarettes are also included as an irritant that can cause strep throat. Allergic reaction. Pharyngitis can also be caused by allergic reactions (the immune system is wrong in recognizing compounds that are actually harmless as enemies). As a result, compounds formed in the body that cause inflammatory reactions. In addition to pain, allergic symptoms are usually dominated by itchy / lumpy throat, dry coughing, and so on. and others. Pharyngitis, based on the time of occurrence can be divided into acute and chronic. Acute pharyngitis is an inflammation that occurs suddenly and quickly. If complaints of inflammation are felt often (as in your case), then this condition enters into chronic pharyngitis. Chronic pharyngitis is often caused by repeated exposure to the throat with irritative compounds and also cigarettes. So handling for the conditions caused by these things is to avoid the originator.

Associated with the use of the drug dexamethasone, the drug is a steroid class of drugs that function to relieve inflammation. However, the use of this drug must be in accordance with the doctor's recommendations and should not be taken in the long term and too often if it is not as indicated. This is related to the side effects of the use of steroids themselves, where these drugs can suppress the immune system (more susceptible to infection), have the effect of increasing blood sugar, and so forth.

Therefore, if your sore throat complaints are very disturbing and often recur, my advice is to check with your doctor (can be an ENT specialist) so that the doctor can find out the cause of your complaint based on questions and answers and direct examination , and provide the most appropriate treatment for you.

Meanwhile, keep your body in shape and avoid consuming food / drinks that can trigger your complaints. Drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters / 8 glasses per day), and avoid exposure to pollutants, both from vehicle fumes, cigarettes, and so forth.

Also read: How to ward off acute sore throat.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you get better soon.


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