The Tip Of The Nail That Feels Itchy, With A Circular Shape And Filled With Fluid In It?

Illustration of The Tip Of The Nail That Feels Itchy, With A Circular Shape And Filled With Fluid In It?
Illustration: The Tip Of The Nail That Feels Itchy, With A Circular Shape And Filled With Fluid In It?

Afternoon … I want to ask, my index finger is scratchy at the tip of the nail and circular in the fingernail area that it feels deep and runny. But I accidentally scratched the watery one and it came out that the water was itchy as if it was a relief … I made it to sleep. It turned out to be swollen and suppurating. Then what medicine should I take? spy was deflated until I was breastfeeding a new baby 2mth. And was the water contagious? I don’t want to bathe the baby myself because it won’t touch my finger

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The tip of the nail that feels itchy, with a circular shape and filled with fluid in it is most often caused by a fungal infection. It could also, this complaint occurs due to infection with other microorganisms, allergic contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, insect or other animal bite marks, xerosis, and so on. This condition, if scratched excessively, especially for example using dirty hands, it can experience a secondary infection. This is the possibility that ultimately causes complaints to become swollen, festering, and painful. In more severe cases, this secondary infection can also make you fever and chills.

Given your condition of breastfeeding exclusively breastfed babies, you should not handle your complaints carelessly. True, infections in your nails have the potential to be transmitted to your baby through direct or indirect contact (for example, through clothing or towels that are affected by pus). In infants, it is not uncommon for the infection to appear in a heavier form because of the skin that is still sensitive, and relatively weak body endurance.

Therefore, you should check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist to be given the best treatment, yes. Simply by direct observation, or maybe also assisted with laboratory tests and biopsies, often doctors are able to identify the treatment that needs to be done. Tell your doctor about your breastfeeding condition, so that he can adjust the treatment given so as not to interfere with the production of breast milk as well as the health of the baby you are breastfeeding.

At this time, here are our suggestions:

Do not hold fingers that have excessive complaints, let alone squeeze or stab them carelessly
Avoid direct contact between fingers that have complaints with your baby's skin, first use fingers or other hands, or ask for help from relatives in caring for your baby first
Every time you breastfeed a baby, wash your hands thoroughly
If the pain in the finger is disturbing enough, compress your finger with warm water and take the medicine for paracetamol so the pain subsides
Drink more water
Do not carelessly take other medicines without a doctor's prescription

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