The Truth Of Sweet Potato Leaf Stems To Treat Wound Infections?

, I got information from the internet that the sweet potato stalks can treat wounds, but with the condition that the sweet potato leaves are young and have to be mashed so that they can be used, does it have to be like that and what are the other benefits?

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Hello Gethya.

Thank you for the question.

Sores are injuries to the skin that can cause the skin to peel, scratch, tear, or bruise. The skin protects the human body from dangers that threaten the body such as sun exposure, weather, and infections. The types of wounds that can occur on the skin include:

abrasions or lacerations
stab wound
a tear that could result from an accident or an animal or human bite

The stages of wound healing are divided into 3 phases, namely:

the inflammatory phase is a phase characterized by redness, swelling, pain, and decreased function. This phase lasts for 1-3 days.
the proliferation phase is the phase where cells grow to unite the wound edges
the remodeling phase is the phase of forming the wound back into its original shape and size.

The causes of wounds to become difficult to heal are because:

the wound is too deep to hit other organs
wound infection
care or hygiene of wounds that are not maintained, wet, or dirty
incomplete treatment
the existence of other underlying diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Malnutrition

Until now, research has used young yam leaf stems to be used as medicine. Other studies on sweet potatoes are used as a substitute for food and have high fiber.

The suggestions that I can give are:

if the wound is large, very painful, and bruised for a long time, it is better to consult a doctor
if the wound feels painful, you can take paracetamol
eat a nutritious and healthy diet
do not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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